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Get paid double per click, Kontera Contest!

I want to start off this month with a bang. I spent a lot of money on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I need to start earning some major cash to pay for all the junk i bought. I was really excited to hear about the new promotion going on over at Kontera. If you guys are not familiar with Kontera, you really need to pay close attention to this blog post.

Kontera is an in-text ad program that pays you every time a visitor clicks on the links. This ad program works great on content heavy web sites or blogs. The great news is that you can get paid double per click. Kontera will match your first month’s income. Double is always good in my book. Double coupons, Double dates, Double burgers…

Don’t miss out on these great new holiday promotion. In this dire economy, every little bit helps. If you are new to the Make Money Online game, you really need to sign up with this company. In order to take advantage of this promo, you need to sign up before January 1 of 2010. Then all you need to do is implement the tags on your web site or blog. Remember that they will match your first month’s earnings up to $50. That means double the income! This offer is only available via this promotion link. Click on this link and start earning double this month. Also, in order to qualify for the double income, you need to earn a minimum of $10 during your first month.

I almost forgot about the contest. I will be giving away a Sansa MP3 player to one of my lucky readers who sign up and blog about this promotion. Here is how you can enter to win the Sansa MP3 player. Click on this link and sign up with Kontera. Leave me a comment on this blog post letting me know that you signed up. Write a short blog post about this promotion on your blog. I will verify that you signed up, blogged about this, and enter you in the contest. Be sure to put your sign up email in the email box of my comment section. Also, include the link to your blog post.

Update: Dec 23, 2009 The good guys over at Kontera lifted the limit on this promotion. This is great news for us!

“I wanted to let you all know that we’ve updated this publisher promotion and there is no longer a top limit on earnings– whatever your site earns with us during your first month, Kontera will match—dollar for dollar!

Finally, some of you raised issues regarding previous experiences with our In Text ads and I wanted to invite each of you to get in touch with us through so that we can look into each account’s individual performance and help you make the most of our ads.

I hope to hear from you, and please feel free to raise any other concerns or questions.

Happy Holidays.”

revresponse domain contest

make money online with revresponse and katie holmesI haven’t done a contest is a while so i wanted to do one today. Like most of my contests, it is all pretty easy to enter. For the purpose of this contest, i wanted to use the ad network over at Revresponse is a site that lets you make money by giving away free trade magazines. If you have a blog or website specific to a certain niche, this type of program could help you make a few extra bucks. Revresponse works best with business related websites. The payout range is anywhere from $2 to $20 per action. This works out pretty well if you have a high traffic site. I will be giving away free aged domain names and some cash prizes to a lot of you. The grand prize will be a fully developed PR3 blog. Find out more about this contest below. Continue reading