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i domains and catherine zeta jones make money onlineI wanted to talk once again about domain name investing. I honestly think that everyone that wants to make money online should do this. Investments are cheap and easy to do. You don’t have to mess with trader fees or even learn a lot about the stock markets or whatnot. I guess it is in my nature to invest. I have been doing real estate investing for about ten years now. I talked about how four letter dot coms are great investments. domains haved dropped in price the past couple of months. You can find a lot of them for pretty cheap now. Investing, whatever type it may be, is only good if you have some sort of strategy. I’ve been researching the i domain market. I bought a few good i domains ( in the last few weeks. A lot of the dot com domains starting with i or e can be found at low prices. These domains will go up in value and will be more rare as time passes. I domains are great cause it can be used as “internet.” It also helps that iphones and third party applications are called iwhatevers. Continue reading