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Set up multiple blogs

It took me over a month to figure out the ins and outs of blogging. I have to say that i am fully converted. I love it. It’s time consuming yeah…but it’s so much fun. I’ve registered over a hundred domain names because i got over zealous. But it’s ok because i plan to develop most of them. I’ve learned that it’s hard to get a blog up during the first month but after that it becomes pretty easy. You don’t have to hack the theme anymore and all of the setup is done. all you have to do is write a post every two days or so.

One of my businesses deal with real estate. So i figure i will set up a real estate website and blog. simple as that. Find other things you are interested in, or things you know a lot about and set up another website.

I’ve done some research about other real estate related blogs and i found one that is particularly good. The Property Pundit is a well written blog that discusses real estate ventures and news. If you haven’t already visited the site i recommend you do so now. I found the site while i was surfing on johnchow dot com. Steve from property pundit was a guest writer for the chow. That means he’s a pretty good writer right. Swing by over there and tell him the noob sent ya.

PR 4 blog about making money online for sale

bloggingsecret.jpgSellSellSell. A lot of people are selling their blogs off right now. Bloggingfingers sold for $6000 a few days ago. It had PR3, 44,414 alexa, around 200 feedburner readers, and was making around 380/month.

Now bloggingsecret is for sale on sitepoint. Buy it now price of $10,000 and auction starts with a $700 bid. It is PR4, 347,298 alexa, makes 500-1000/month, 4,000 uniques/month, 10,000 page views/month. 805 feedburner readers.

I wonder how much Louiss Lim, the owner can get for this site.

SideNote: It was a blogspot blog and recently switched over to its own domain and hosting.