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PC Pro Schools

The Noob is big on education. I think that it’s best to always be learning something new. Before i started bloggernoob dot com, i knew nothing about the internet. I only knew how to search for stuff. I had no clue about IT or computers. But after i set up this blog, i was forced to learn these things. I’m actually thinking about taking a few courses about computers and the internet. I want to learn the basics about IT and networking. There’s a course at PC Pro Schools that helps people start a new career. If you ever thought about getting a job in IT, you should visit PC Pro Schools.

Blogging is not just about writing. It’s also about reading up on the latest news and gossip. Blogging requires a lot of skill if you want to build a solid audience base. I don’t visit MMO blogs anymore, but i still seek out information about blogging. I like to read a lot of small and medium blogs to see what people are up to. I like to read up on blogging and design tips. Imbloggingthat dot com is a good place to find how to tips for bloggers. The site will teach you to become better at grabbing readers attention and other useful tips. (Edit)