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Waiting in line at Bestbuy

bestbuyline.jpgI saw a commercial while i was eating some left over thanksgiving turkey. It was the bestbuy after thanksgiving sale. They had three items that i wanted so badly. One was a laptop and printer combo for $229.99. The second was a 6mp digital camera and digital picture frame combo for $99.99. The third item was a HD DVD player with 7 HD DVDs for $199.99.

The store was going to open at 5am so i went there around 4:30am. I thought there might be a few people waiting considering it was super cold outside. Boy was i wrong, the line wrapped around the entire building. I had to wait in line for around 45 mins and i only got the HD DVD player combo. The laptop and camera were the first two items to go. I wasn’t that bummed tho. I figured that i wouldn’t be able to get everything. I picked up some nice stocking stuffers. 2gb mp3 players for $34.99 and some video games.

It was my first time waiting in line at bestbuy and it was actually kinda fun. Maybe if my blog grows considerably in the next month, I’ll put up one of the stocking stuffers as a prize. I love contests. Only if my rss readership increases. All on my stats have been going up at a good pace except my rss. You know you guys could help me with that.

Kohjinsha UMPC

koh2.jpgKohjinsha SA Touch Screen. I got this kohjinsha a few months ago when i was in Korea. It features 7inch lcd touch screen. Its can fold into a tablet. Runs on windows xp with a geode processor. Has 512 ram.

This doesn’t compare in functionality to my other laptops but it’s great for taking on short trips. A must have for on the plane. Great battery life. It goes for around 3 hours. It features a full qwerty keyboard but its smashed together. I don’t mind it cause i have tiny hands but i think for most people it will be hard to type with fluidity. Its perfect for taking to the book store. Random people come up to me at borders or barnes and ask me what it is.

In the States, A UMPC with a full qwerty keyboard costs around 1800 bucks. Can’t get anything really small here. I bought it in Korea for 680k won which is around $750. I couldn’t resist cause it was so cheap. You can get it at dynamism or

Here is a video demonstration. I’m a shy noob so no narration. Its pantomime.
Note: I type real good with two hands…i had to hold the vid cam.