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Entrecard is getting spammy

tricia helfer makes money onlineI don’t want to write about entrecard, but i think i will have to address something. I think entrecard is a good source for free traffic. But, it requires you to waste a lot of time dropping cards if you want to become a popular entrecard blog. If you want traffic from entrecard, you have to put in a lot of click work. Also, it’s been getting really spammy lately. I receive a lot of random requests from bloggers who want me to sponsor their blog contest. Dude, don’t do that. Learn to make money online with out begging for freebies. Continue reading

Entrecard strategy to make money online

christina aguilera makes money onlineI really like entrecard. Some of you guys hate it cause it brings in bad traffic. I agree that most of entrecard’s traffic is useless, but let’s not call traffic bad. Any type of traffic is good traffic in my book. Getting hits, even if it’s for a second is better then not getting a hit. And entrecard is easy to use. All you have to do is put up a widget and start dropping cards. If you’re lazy (like me) then you can just buy it. I constantly get traffic from entrecard. It doesn’t com entirely for free tho. I buy entrecards. If you’d rather buy them, you should check out ebay for some deals. Usually you can buy around 1000 entrecard credits for about 3 bucks. Making money online is all about traffic. It’s good to work on every type of traffic. It could all change tomorrow because the internet is constantly changing, but for now, entrecard is a good source of high bounce rate traffic. Continue reading