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2 minute install of wordpress

I received a few emails from noobies regarding the install of wordpress via cpanel. I had forgotten how hard it is for a noob to maneuver around cpanel. It’s second nature to me now, but in the beginning, everything seems hard. I put together a tutorial to help you install wordpress via cpanel. It only takes 2 minutes.

fastastico for easy install of wordpressFirst login to your cpanel and click on “fantastico” or fantastico delux. Continue reading

Write tutorials to make money online

nelly furtado makes money onlineI’ve seen a lot tutorial sites sell on sitepoint. A few weeks ago, i saw a Windows Vista blog sell for over 9 thousand dollars. I checked to see how good the blog was and my discovery was disappointing. I expected that blog to be pretty good. The Vista blog sucked arse. It was slow to load and the content was just terrible. The site was disappointing, but i was inspired. I was motivated to start my own Vista blog. I figured if i set up a few good posts, and did some marketing, i would have a hit on my hands. I know that i’m over simplifying things here. But, think about it. If a not so good blog can sell for 9 grand, then a good blog could sell for 9 grand. I’m i wrong? Continue reading