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star.jpgBloggywood. This article is not about Wil Weaton or Mark Cuban. Its about the make money online celebrities. Im talking about Shoemoney, Johnchow, and Problogger. These guys are the Brad Pitts and Tom Cruises of the make money online blogosphere. We know what they look like, where they live, their favorite color…blahblahblah.

They don’t always write about making money online. They talk about other things too. Even tho the blogs they run are make money blogs, they discuss random stuff too and yet they still get readers. Its like bad reality TV. No matter how bad it is, we watch. We watch because joe nobody is famous now.

I don’t read problogger or shoemoney that much but i regularly visit Johnchow. I don’t exactly know why but i do. I think it’s become a habit. Same with checking cashquests. I honstly think that cashquests is a better blog then johnchow. I don’t think that cashquests will ever be bigger then johnchow tho. Too much of a headstart. Its not like bloggers are inventing a new algorithm. Blogging is simple so its probably not likely that a less established make money blog will dethrone the likes of johnchow. so were not going to see a young google coming in and dethroning yahoo.

I don’t know the history of johnchow or shoemoney. Problogger I only know whats written in the abouts page of problogger. These guys are big cause they are credible. Its about credibility. Problogger has a monster rss feed count. Its almost sick. Jeremy, i like to call him ron, has that fat check on the front page. These things are impressive and give the blog instant credibility. They are very similar to no-name blogs in content. They run the same wordpress blogging platform. These blogs have become brands. You can’t compare a louis vuitton to a fake louis vuitton. In china they make some really nice fake bags. im sure most people woudln’t be able to tell the difference but there is a difference. People like to label things. Im not sure why johnchow is credible. Recently his blog has become massive but when i first saw it wasn’t that special. It was running a free wordpress theme, and because it seemed so easy i got interested.

Take for example Doshdosh and mikesmoneymakingmission. Both started around the same time and both are well written and informative. Maybe mikemoney online is better but doshdosh is louis vuitton whereas mike is the fake louis. It could be argued that mikemoney is a better blog. I think it might be.

There is a frozen yogurt chain called Pinkberry. If you live in hollywood im sure you’ve heard of it. Starbucks just bought them out. Well they copied a frozen yogurt place in S. korea called Red mango. The girl who started pinkberry wanted to get the franchise for red mango but didn’t have the money, so she copied it and bam. Red mango recently started openning stores in the states but people think they are copying pinkberry. Ahh the irony.

Celebrity is all in our heads. People like to follow not lead. People want to be told what to do. Even independant business men want to be told want to do. Why? Cause its hard to lead. Its hard to do something thats different. Bloggers copy other bloggers. We want to be told what to do by these celebrity bloggers. Why do we listen? Cause we wanna make 20Gs a month and be holding that 100k google check, thats why.

Lets me tell you the nasty truth. It will not happen. 99.9999999% of bloggers will not even make 500 a month.

Look at the sale of blogs like bloggingfingers. Why sell the blog when it can grow to 20k a month? Cause it will never get to that point. The owner knows it. Its like animal planet. There only room for a few sharks per/ hundred miles of space. Theres only room for a few big make money online blogs. I wonder when kumiko will sell cashquests.

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