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sbtb.jpgWhen i was a freshman in high school, i had a friend who was an actor. He appeared in a few tv shows as an extra and eventually got his SAG card. He had a few speaking parts for shows like 90210 and Saved by the Bell. I remember thinking he was a cool guy. One day in Biology class he comes to me with a check. It was a check for $25.26. I asked him what the check was for. He said it was residual income from an episode of Saved by the Bell.

I couldn’t believe it. They still paid him for work he did a year ago. I thought that was the greatest thing. I never got into acting but i always liked the idea of residual income. I think that’s what led me to this blog.

When you launch a website, you find that its really hard to get things rolling in the beginning. The past month I’ve spent all of my free time on my computer. I don’t want to continue this level of work. I would quit right now if i felt that i would have to keep working this hard.

What keeps me going is that check for $25.26. I’m am now starting to get this type of income with this blog. It’s only been a month but its starting.

Everyday i check my referral stats and discover that someone clicked and joined via my link. Thats income without doing anything. Passive income baby!!!

You can can do it too. Set up your blog and start your online earnings today.

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