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make money online with scarlett johanssonnIn various web forums, people sell domains with google page rank. High PR domain names fetch hundreds of dollars. I’m not sure if this is a good investment because you usually lose PR in the next google update. At any rate, people love buying domain names with PR. If you are interested in buying PR domains, you have to watch out for the fake or forged PR. You can use sites like checkpageranking, validrank, and digpagerank to check for PR. Don’t just rely on these tool tho.

You should use common sense when you are purchasing websites or domains. If a site doesn’t have any backlinks but has a high PR, then you know something is wrong. Check the age of the domain and check to see if the domain or website is in google’s cache. I’ll list 4 methods for checking google page rank. These are steps you should take before buying a domain just for the PR.

Check for PR validity by using different tools. Validrank, digpagerank, and checkpageranking are good ones. Don’t rely on just one tool. Check all three. For whatever reason, one site can show a valid page rank when another says it’s fake.

This method is even more reliable. Go to google and in the search bar, type in “” (or dot whatever) If the domain URL comes up as the only result, then the PR on that domain is valid. If a different URL pops up, that means that the PR is forged. The page rank is from that site.

This method is one more step. Check the Google cache. Go to google and in the search bar, type in “” (or dot whatever) If a different domain is cached, the PR is probably not real.

You can use google and all of these various tools, but the best way to check is by using your common sense. If a 1 month old domain has a valid PR5 then something must be wrong. Even if the PR checks out, you will probably lose that precious PR in the next update. Check for backlinks to justify the PR of that domain.

Buying PR domains can be a good way to launch a new site. I would still rather pick an aged domain over a PR one, but to each his own. Whenever you are buying something online, you should always be careful. There are a lot of questionable webmasters online, especially in the “make money online” niche. I think scammers get away with things because there are so many noobies who don’t know how the game is played. Be careful and be selective when you decide to trust people online. Noob out!

35 thoughts on “Check valid PR domain names

  1. axioblogger

    The easiest way to check for pr for a website is to install SEO add-on for firefox browser. If you install and activate the addon. Just do a google search and the date, pr, yahoo links, technorati, alexa ranking of the site would show. I don’t have to remember any pr checker site. Firefox rules!!

  2. the noob Post author

    axioblogger- i have the seoquake add-on. i love it and it makes my webmastering a lot easier, but the PR that is displayed on those add ons are not accurate. It will show invalid PR.

  3. axioblogger

    Are you sure about that that the SEO addon can be wrong? I haven’t tried the seoquake addon. The addon I have is the SEO for firefox addon. I haven’t had any invalid PR. I once visited a blog and it displayed this site widget. The PR shown on the widget was wrong but the SEO addon showed me the right PR.

  4. the noob Post author

    axioblogger- that site is one of my sites. it has a forged domain. see, that’s why it’s important to not trust toolbars or addons. if you check in google with you will see that the URL listed is another site. 😉

  5. kewl

    wow! that’s really nice… guys, whats the best template to use in maximizing blog so that you got presentable and nice pr?

  6. the noob Post author

    kewl- u mean blog theme for SEO? that depends. usually you can check SEO scoring tools for how the theme is coded. check whoistools.

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  9. the noob Post author

    drunken dragon- no worries

    free web proxy- that’s why it’s important to go thru all the steps i listed. you can never be too careful. 😉

    seo for blogging- i don’t mind u putting links in your comment. as long as it’s relevant. 😉 yeah, info:domain is solid. but i say that checking for links and age of domain and google cache is also very important.

  10. Annie

    I feel like a baby in the womb: was registered on 23-April-2008
    Age: 4 months, 3 weeks, and 5 days.
    PR1 on suspicious

    Digpagerank: 1

    checkpageranking:1 valid url but not link popularity

    whatever that means: thanks for the post! lol. I am going to make some money now. You have just kicked my butt.

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  13. Greg

    Hi everybody

    I have been buying advertising space on a few PR2 and PR4 sites and have never verified the PR apart from what my Google toolbar tells me. After reading this post, I decided to check up on a few. One is a bit suspicious. Is it possible for a domain that is 2 months old to have a PR 2?


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  15. Mona Lisa
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  16. anu

    Before read this article i am not having any aware about pr domains, when i register my own domain i check with site and registered my domain.

  17. Hannah

    I have been reading your blog for quite a lot of times and I find it really helpful to newbies like me. I just wonder if you know such way for me to easily find a valid pr 3 domain at godaddy or a forged PR4 or PR5 domain.

    I am reaching till morning to find one and sometimes I dont even find any.

    Please help me about this…. Thanks!

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