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rachel weiss makes money onlineI’m in the process of setting up a new site every couple of days. I’m doing this because i believe that having a collection of sites is the best way to make money online. When i first launched bloggernoob, it was difficult to gain any traction because i was such a noob. Now i follow a checklist that i compiled. As i kept setting up new sites, i realized that i was doing the same things over and over again. I tried out a lot of different things to gain traffic and SEO. The first few sites took some time, but now, i am able to launch a new site in less then 1 hour.

1. First things first. You have to think about domain names. When you are shopping for domain, what do you look for? Are you looking for a short “brandable” domain, or are you planning on working the keywords. I like to go for both. I use the keyword rich domains to grow my collection of sites. The shorter names are good for banding a new site. For noobies, i’d recommend starting off with a short brandable dot com. As you gain more experience, start buying some some keyword rich domains to use in building up your brand. If you haven’t already purchased a domain, do so now at

2. Now on to hosting. There are a lot of web hosting sites to choose from. For someone just starting out, it can get a bit overwhelming. I had to learn by trial and error about all of the different hosting plans. A good host is one that provides good customer and technical support. It’s not just about the price or bandwidth. It’s about sql databases and add on domains. Anhosting is one of the web hosts that i would recommend if you are a noob. If you don’t already have hosting, get it at Ahnhosting.

3. Ok now you have your domain and hosting. Install wordpress using Cpanel. Login and start writing your first post. Make sure you link to some authority sites like wikipedia in that first post.

4. Now it’s time to make some cosmetic changes to your blog. Install some free themes via ftp to replace the default wordpress theme. Nothing says noob like the default wordpress theme.

5. Get your own favicon. Favicons are those cute little avatars next to the URL. Notice that i have a square noob pic next to my URL address. Ain’t i a cutie?

6. Change the permalink structure of your blog. This will make your permalinks prettier and help with some SEO.

7. Install the google analytics code to your blog. You will need a free google gmail account. If you don’t already have one, get one now at You can install the code into the body of your site, or just use the google analytics plugin.

8. Add a sitemap for your site.

9. Trade links with other noobie bloggers. You can find a lot of people via forums like digitalpoint.

10. Join Blogcatalog and Entrecard to initiate traffic flow to you blog.

I could go on but i think this should be good for now. If you think i missed something, leave me a comment below. Hope this checklist for setting up a new blog has been helpful. Noob out!

10 thoughts on “Checklist for setting up a new blog

  1. Mexles

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  2. InfiniteWebProfit

    Cool checklist guide for newbies who are wanting to become a blogger.

    Wow!.. More sites on you = More money.
    More and more people are keep on building more sites to make more money and is the rule of thumb with Google Adsense.
    But how are you going to build more content on these sites?

  3. Allyn Paul

    I wish that I had time to set up that many blogs. I have my big one that is generating around $10 per day in Adsense and I have 5 others that get some clicks.
    I agree that AN Hosting is the best. I used them on your recommendation and have been very pleased.

  4. Taylor

    Yeah. I realized that the best way to make money is to diversify your blogging portfolio. You seem to agree. I actually wrote about that on one of my older blogs which is now deleted.

    Here’s the deal though. You really need to think about how much time and effort you’re willing to put into each post and blog.

    It’s funny because I just wrote an article at my website about how many posts people should do on their blog every day. You can check it out by clicking my name above.

  5. the noob Post author

    desmond- yeah. it lets the google bots know what your site is about. if you link to wikipedia’s internet marketing page, google will know that your site is about internet marketing etc.

    mexles- nice plug. ur program?

    infinitewebprofit- good questions. u can use a content writer software, hire writers, buy content, or good old fashioned, write it your self.

    jack- yeah i won i won. thanks for the payment.

    allyn paul- ten dollars per day in adsense? amazing. which blog is it. i wanna see. ten a day from adsense is something amazing. good job allyn

    taylor- ahh. u let ur older blog get deleted. that sucks. ;( yeah, it depends on how good the content is. marketing will only take you so far. gotta have some readable content. 😉 i think, it’s not that difficult to set up multi sites tho. just write whatever. that’s what i do. 😉

  6. the noob Post author

    masked millionaire- true. it’s doable tho. just gotta write trash. write useless stuff. why not, the blogosphere is full of useless posts. look at most of the blogs in the make money online niche. 😉

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