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domain1.jpgI’m currently running a domain contest and it’s been pretty fun seeing which ones make it to the final round. From what i understand of domain names, you can either select a domain for the keyword searches or you can set up a domain that can be branded.

First let’s examine domains that can be branded. Look at mega sites like google, yahoo, amazon. These Goliaths all share one thing in common. They are short and easy to spell. These domains will not leave your brain once you get a look at it. They are all dot coms. Dot coms are the industry standard. You could go for a dot org or a dot info, but it’ll be harder to brand your site with anything other then a dot com. Short domains that are either 4, 5, or 6 letters are hard to come by. If you can snag one up, you should the next time your shopping for a domain. The only minus is that they these domains will take a bit more effort to get the keywords going.

Your other option is to go with domain names that include your desired keywords. If i could turn back time, i would probably go with a or something similar to it so i could have a head start in my keyword visiblity. With this option, you don’t really have to make your domain short. And honestly, in the beginning, you will not get any direct traffic. Even if you think you have the best 5 letter domain name, no one will directly punch in your domain to access your site in the early stages. You have to build up traffic. Bloggernoob now gets anywhere from 70-120 direct hits a day. I guess bloggernoob dot com is an easy to remember domain but you don’t have to go with a domain that is easy to remember. If your goal is to get a lot of links and referrals, then you can go with a long keyword specific domain. Thinking about it, i should try to register a or something. Pick that up and work the keywords, “make money online“, “make money blogging“, “make money online by blogging” If you could get on the first 3 pages, with those domains, you’ll get traffic from google. I’ve already made it to the first page of google for my keywords “make money blog” so with a lot of work, you too can get your blog on the front page.

I personally am not a fan of numbers in domains. is a 5 letter domain and it’s kinda cute, but i don’t recommend this. Some of you may disagree with me on this, but i think it’s rather confusing to mix in numbers and letters in a domain. I don’t know any internet giant that has a number in their domain. Can you think of one?

Dashes or underscore in the domain are often used. could be good for search engines, but it’s rather ugly. So only pick this up if isn’t available. Having dashes, in my opinion is better then having numbers in your domain. Same thing with I’m not a domain expert but these are the things i think about when i visit a new website or when i pick up a new domain.

10 thoughts on “Choosing a domain name

  1. Chica

    You know what though, your making your own name for yourself with Granted if you did go with it would be better for your keywords visibility, but you’d be one against the millions. Being unique sets you apart man. :)

    I agree with the underscores and dashes and such, I’d suggest using it also if you want a domain like this: It’s one of those famous badly named domain names. In which dashes would have come right in handy, perhaps it was a marketing scheme not sure, but using would have been much better.

  2. the noob Post author

    chica- :) you link bloggernoob? that’s good, i’ve grown fond of this domain myself. it’s my baby. great point about pens island. for a sec there i thought you wrote penis land. :) come to think of it, i wonder if penisland is available. it would be a great gay porn website.

  3. Pete Moore


    When I first looked at chica’s comment I saw penis island, maybe thats something to take into consideration also especially if you are planning on building a brand, unless obviously its a gay porn site 😉


  4. the noob Post author

    chica- nice link chica. good times.

    forest- no problem. good luck with your new domain.

    louis- i guess so. not a fan of 45n5 tho. he’s too much of a ass kisser

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