Choosing friends in the Make Money Online game

make money online with friends like mark and kateFriends are hard to come by. It’s especially difficult to find a friend online. As you work to grow you website, you’ll find that it helps to have like minded friends. Having friends can make your webmastering days go by a lot smoother. Having a solid network of friends can help you make money online. If you try to go solo, you will find that it’ll take more work, and you’ll waste more time.

Look at bloggerunleashed. His friends are grizz and court. That’s a nice three man team over there. They help each other get links and they share info with each other. They even develop web projects together. Having friends you can count on can increase your online earnings.

I was chatting with this guy for a couple of hours. I really thought that we had a connection and shared similar goals with our websites. I thought this chat was going to be one of many to come. We were talking about future projects and talking about the type of sites that we thought would make a lot of money. At the end of the conversation, he was trying to sell me something. That killed it right there.

I’m not hating on the fact that he was trying to make a sale. He has to eat right? Gotta make money somehow. And, he was doing what he does, trying to make money online. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. But, that’s why i don’t trust people online. Especially “make money online” types. It always seems like the conversation isn’t honest. It always seems like they tell me something just to make a sale or commission off of me. When you read “make money online” blogs, always ask yourself why they wrote that particular post. Was it a paid plug? Are they pushing an affiliate? The fact of the matter is, you’re NEVER going to get a honest post. We in the “make money online” niche are all hustlers.

When there’s money involved, all bets are off. There’s no loyalty or friendship. It’s business. How can you trust what someone says when they’re trying to sell you something?

When you set out to make some MMO friends, you have to look to your peers. Your best bet it to network with other noobies. Seek out bloggers who started at around the same time as you. Seek out bloggers who have built up their blogs to a level that is similar to yours.

Online friends can help you promote you site and contests. You guys can help each other obtain PR on the next update by linking to each other. Trying to learn everything by yourself can be hard, so set out to make a few good contacts. This will make it a lot easier to monetize your websites.

The best way to contact someone is by commenting on his or her blog. After a few useful comments, shoot that person an email. Don’t try to pitch them or sell them something. Just spark up a nice conversation or ask them a question. Doing this with a lot of blogs is a great way to spread out your network. The time you invest in doing this will pay off in the long run.

22 thoughts on “Choosing friends in the Make Money Online game

  1. Hardgainer's Guide

    True story man. I remember back in the day when I first began blogging. I would go comment people in my niche saying something like,

    “Hey! Great article! Want a link exchange?”

    Psh. What do you think they did. They freakin ignored me man. Duh. I ignore people that do that too. Doesn’t everyone?

    I just started my new site Hardgainer Online. This time around, I am doing things right. I’m already on page two of Google for the term Hardgainer and I soon plan to be on page #1.

    Who plays a role in that? Friends in the Blogsphere.

    How will I get them to link to me?

    I will target 5 friends – blogs every 3 days. I will comment on 3 of their articles. One article a day. Finally, on the third day I will ask them for an exchange. If they believe I left quality comments, then they will see my blog and I as pretty high quality also. Thus, we likely get the link exchange.

    PS: Like you BloggerNoob – After saying what I just did, you probably wouldn’t mind linking to me if I had a Blogging Tips site. 😉

  2. Scot

    I always like tossing ideas around with like-minded people. Anyone feel free to hit me up on aim my sn is “revvenue”.

    Good post :)

  3. Dot Com Dud

    I make honest posts! Hmmm, maybe that’s why I’m not making any money :(

    That’s a good strategt for getting link exchanges Hardgainer, I might have to put more of an effort into that sort of thing.

  4. Grizzly


    The best way to get those links from your friends is to write a post linking to them first using “Keywords” they need help ranking for. Don’t ask for links – give them. The smart bloggers know how this game is played.

    Thanks Noob! 😉

  5. martin miller-yianni

    Your thinking stands out as saying what you think, a rare commodity in this minefield of bloggers. I’ve seen your blog around quite a big and keep bumping into it.
    Just a quick shout to let you know I’ll pop in more often now.



  6. the noob Post author

    hardgainer’s guide- yeah you gotta provide something of value in the comments. a generic phrase is just as bad as spam in the comments.

    profit blogging- haha. i had to read it over a couple times. u proposing to me?

    scot- nice. might hit u up one of these day.

    dot com dud- yeah, honesty doesn’t sell. try flashing it up a big. put some photoshopped google checks with your ugly face on it. seems to work for ron jeremy. 😉

    grizzly- amen to that. btw. loved ur garryconn post.

    desmond- yup. i sponsored your contest didn’t i? 😉

    coolingstar9- thanks.

    jumble blogger- thanks.

    martin miller- yeah, there seems to be a lot of junk in the “make money online” niche.

  7. the noob Post author

    chelle- why can’t i do both? 😉 let me set up a blogmastermind program first tho. you have $60 bucks to spare every month. 😉 i don’t want to sell stuff to my readers on this blog. i’m thinking about setting up a scam link yaro or reverse funnel tho. i’ll sell it on one of my other sites. just gotta seo it more. 😉

  8. MakingMoneyForLife

    Love the article! So true

    The more friends you have you can definitely help each other to make money online.

    Love your blog will keep stopping by againa and again.


    Jamie Boyle
    Internet Marketer

  9. ChiQ

    Hi noob! I’m back! and I’m commenting again on your blog. lol, gotta keep the friendship burning 😛 anyway, I do agree that having friends online to network with is one of the best strategies.. just like yaro, darren, john .. they basically started together.. have a mutual understanding of promoting each others products/posts automatically.. it works! :)

  10. Wendy

    Gave me some food for thought my friend. Now all I need is to find time to implement it.

    Working worth peers and friends seems to be the correct way to go.


  11. SolReka

    Howdy noob

    Social networking certainly is the key to blogging. I’ve been taking your advice on board, and now I’m focussing more on building up quality friends and increasing page impressions.

    Keep up the great work bud.

    Until next time

  12. xyberk the biz bum

    Yah it really sucks when someone gets nice to you but with profit in mind. Hi I’m a noobie blogger. My name is xyberk the biz bum can we be friends? I like your blog a lot first would like to buy my…oops joke.

  13. SolReka

    Following lyrics quite apt

    Hey, D’you wanna be in my gang, a my gang, my gang,
    D’you wanna be in my gang, a my gang, my
    gang, oh Yeah! Do You ? my gang Come On!
    (Gary Glitter – I’m the leader)


  14. the noob Post author

    makingmoneyforlife- thanks jamie. yeah it’s all about connections. most of the business/money game is played this way. it’s not what you know, it’s who u know.

    chiq- haha. welcome back. nice pics of disneyland. and i know what u look like now. ur avatar fits u. 😉

    wendy- all of this gets easier in time. speaking of food, im getting hungry. i think imma make myself a burrito.

    adrian- my pleasure

    shreemani- 😉 target for what?

    solreka- social networking can only take you so far. u need to link build. ones u assemble a solid network of bloggers, things become a lot easier. blogging becomes more fun as well.

    simple mindz- i thought that we were beyond friendship. i thought that we were at “seeing each other” level at least. 😉

    xyberk- oldie but a goodie. 😉 yeah, when the coin is in play, u have to always be cautious. can’t be friends when money is involved.

    solreka- that was beautiful. encore? do u do requests?

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