Cold calling to make money online

emily mortimerI think most webmasters focus on monetizing their online venture, online. I think mixing in offline sales can prove to be quite helpful. I sold a lot of hosting packages offline. People pay a lot of money to google adwords for online campaigns. Why not use that marketing budget on a newpaper ad.

The way i see it, a lot of people surfing the web are aware of products and services sold on the net. Not all of them run websites, but they are web savvy customers. This makes it harder to sell. If you approach potential customers via offline marketing, most of those people are not as web savvy. The idea of making money online is all new to them. This might be a good strategy to use when marketing your website.

Local newspapers might be your best bet. The ads are pretty cheap, when compared to other publishers. Just like with an adwords campaign, you’ll need to set up a killer landing page to pitch the product. Don’t make it look like a generic scam type of landing page. Avoid testamonial and etc. Just fill that landing page with info and get the visitor curious. If it smells like a scam, the visitor will click away.

If you sell hosting packages or web designs, you could pick up a local phone book and cold call other businesses. It shoulds humilating, but telemarketing works. The idea is to work a really good pitch. Make it quick and get them interested. Think about it, if the product or commission yields $100, all you have to do is sell one or two, and you’ve made a days wage. Working the offline angle can help you make money online.

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