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comments.jpgI experimented with a few of my posts recently. I always gave out mini prizes to my readers, but i wanted to see how i could get a boost in my comments. This is what i discovered.

Give your readers a reason to comment. I wrote a few random posts and at the end, i offered a $5 prize to the readers that read the whole thing. Most of the articles you see on different blogs don’t get read all the way through. It’s cause people online have very short attention spans. Anyway…by offering an incentive, readers were very willing to leave a comment. The last post where i offered a $5 prize, i received like 25 comments.

Having a lot of comments just looks good. It makes your blog seem important. A new visitor will see 25 comments and be more willing to read that post. It helps to validate your blog.

You can also, boost your comments by replying to each and every comment. It’s good for building relationships with your readers. And it’ll double up the number of comments. If 5 people leave a comment on one of your posts, you can boost it to 10 by replying to each comment. Reply often so it doesn’t look so obvious. You don’t want your visitors to think your just padding your comments.

Write engaging posts. Cause a reaction with your readers. Force them to give their input. Say something controversial. Make a bold statement. Be clever. Be mean. Dog on a popular blog. It’s more fun when your comments go against your original post. It’s boring if you have 10 comments like “i agree.” I’d rather have 5 comments like “you’re an idiot noob…”(followed by a long lecture about why i’m such an idiot)

16 thoughts on “Comment boost

  1. Bob

    It’s also down to what the person wants to read as well though. I couldnt give a shit about 95% of the posts on here as I just don’t have the time to invest in running a blog for money so the hints and tips you you give out mean nothing to me.

    That other 5% though is why I come back. It’s entertaining and makes we want to comment. And guess what almost all the posts I’ve wanted to comment on have been the filler posts when you’ve not got much else to write about 😉

    But it works.

  2. the noob Post author

    kingkong- he probably doesn’t even notice it. yeah, she’s a cutie. she kinda looks like charlize

    witchypoo- couldn’t resist, just had to state the obvious. yes, you are special.

    witchypoo- will do. i’ll get it done after i come back from my honeymoon.

    jason- on so many levels. if u knew me, u would understand why.

    bob- very true. i stated before about how important filler posts are. i really appreciate you coming back to my blog. i know it’s a boring arse make money blog, but i write off topic, for people with a life. im not big on my niche. bunch of internet marketing types. good thing i have other blogs.

    marcus- yup, it helps big time. makes it fun for me as well.

    livingon adsense- not at hello?

    crystal- yes it does. 3 so for with kathrine’s pic

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