Commissions for everything

mischa-barton.jpgI had to reserve a corporate suite for my future mother in law. I didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable in a hotel, so i booked her a 2 bedroom suite at The Medici in downtown Los Angeles. While i was making the reservation, i asked the sales agent if they offered commissions. He said yes, and i got a commission on the deal. I could have not asked that simple questions. If i didn’t, i would have lost out on a few hundred bucks.

The business world is all about discounts and kickbacks. Everywhere you go to do business, someone is making a commission. Take advantage of these situation and try to get a commission for yourself. When you’re buying something online, get the affiliate link and make a commission off of your own purchase. When you need to rent a car, put up car rental affliate link and reserve that car via your link. There are plenty of ways to make commission off of things you regular do. All of this ads to your online income.

10 thoughts on “Commissions for everything

  1. B Carter

    Be careful when making purchases from your own commission links, you could end up banned from the commission program if you’re caught.

    I know, I’m a fuddy duddy.

  2. the noob Post author

    jared- yeah another ip and another computer is best. but you don’t have to be that careful with certain sites. like amazon.

    debo- discount travels, awesome!

    riotbringtheradio- yup misha, me likes misha.

    witchypoo- just try to use a different ip and comp, just to be on the safe side. i’ve tried it on same ip, and it worked, but i also got banned from google

    b carter- yeah i got banned from google adsense, but with affiliate links, i am more ccareful, yeah different ip, different computer is best.

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