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contactus.jpgEvery blog must have a contact page around the header of your front page. There are no if, and, buts about it. This is blogging 101. No this is blogging 1. Visitors need to be able to contact you. I received a few emails requesting ads be placed on my blog. This happened out of the blue and it was a pleasant surprise. If i didn’t have the basic contact page with my email, maybe i would have lost out on this great opportunity. That’s as passive as you can get. I didn’t announce that I’m taking ad offer or anything. Someone liked my blog and wanted to advertise on it.

Other then the contact page, you should include an abouts page and a homepage link. Most wordpress themes come with these three included as the default but you should still makes sure. Site without homepage links are annoying to navigate. Make it easy on your visitor by making sure they can return to your front page without any hassles. A large percentage of people who visit your site will check your abouts page. My abouts page receives a lot of hits. Only the front page gets more hits. I should update my abouts page to make it look more professional. I should probably include more info about myself. I will get on it in the coming months. Also, I should probably monetize my abouts page. Just need to figure out the best way to do this. If you want, you could include your contact info in the abouts page, but it’s probably best to have a separate contact page.

2 thoughts on “Contact page

  1. Nick

    Totally agree noob – people are interested on who is writing the posts they are reading and are often intrigued. I was reading Courtney Tuttle thinking she was writing great posts, only to discover a little later that Courtney was actually a bloke! :-)

  2. formortv

    It’s funny. Even when you know blogging 101, when you set up a new blog there is so much to do you tend to forget or overlook the basics. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll need to get my act together and get some contact added on our new blog. Great TIP! Great Reminder! thanks again.

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