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Some of you guys already know that i own a lot of blogs. I started bloggernoob on a lark but quickly saw the potential of this medium. I realized how powerful web publishing was. I think that this blog become popular because i was able to write a lot of detailed posts. If you check out my archives, you will see that i have slowed in my posting frequency. This is because blogging is very time consuming. Writing a new post requires a lot of time. You need to research and write. I maintain a lot of other make money online blog. I am able to update those without going crazy because i use a lot of different tools. There is a tool that is about a launch called content rewrite. This software will help you rewrite your content. This means that you can use the content rewriter to churn out posts on the fly. Blogging doesn’t have to be time consuming any longer. You can update a lot of different blogs and keep driving traffic to those blogs. As long as you SEO your blogs, you will start seeing traffic via search engine. These types of tools are used by most of the successful MMO bloggers. Even if you are not a MMO blogger, you can take advantage of this new software program. If you would like more info, visit the web site over at today.

15 thoughts on “content rewrite

  1. Allyn

    Hey old blogger friend. Good to see you still feeding this blog. Are you in Vic’s academy? Just wondering.
    hit me up man, we have not talked over email in a while.

  2. Kate

    I like the idea of content rewrite but have never been convinced enough to use it on my make money sites as you generate a loyal support and do have a cross over of readers on your blogs then you run the risk of the same people reading the nearly same blog post all the time.

  3. Business blog

    This sounds like a cool tool and I know you have many blogs and I can imagine that to keep up posting on all these must be extremely time consuming – it will be interesting to see how it works!

  4. Bruce

    Have you used this tool? I have quite a few blogs in quite a few niches and content writing is always a chore. I’ve tried other content writers, but most of the time they just split out garbage. Is this one any better?

  5. free ads

    I wanted to tell you thanks for posting this and also I wanted to tell you that for some reason, I am unable to get your site to work right in IE8. However, if I switch to Firefox, it seems to work perfectly fine. It might be a problem with one of the plugins you use, or maybe it’s something wrong on my end.

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