Contests help you make money online

wet.jpgI just completed my first major contest. I did a few cheezy one when i first started this blog but didn’t think it could really bring in traffic until i completed this one. Well, it didn’t bring in a lot of traffic, but it did get me some new readers and visitors. I didn’t even spend that much money either. It was fun for me and my readers and it got my readers involved. I think the point is to be creative with your contests. Gyutae from winningtheweb dot com ran a di vinci code type RSS contest a week ago. He got people to subscribe and figure out a word puzzle in his feed. It’s was very creative and that’s the reason a lot of people participated. I think he could have used a less expensive prize and it would have still generated some buzz.

The point is to give out something useful. Giving out cash would be the best, but if you’re a cheap bastard like me, you can give out stuff around the house too. If you can sell it on ebay, you can use it as a prize for you blog contest. I gave out an MP3 player not some useless ebook.

If you run a few successful contests, you’ll make money online. The key is to make it fun and easy to enter.

3 thoughts on “Contests help you make money online

  1. ryan

    Haha, this contest is helping you make money because I am coming to visit every day! I’d say that the more cash you giveaway, the more visitors you will get, my 7/7/07 contest got more traffic/had more money than my contests with less money.

  2. joe

    I won a contest recently, it was kind of a weird deal…I was the only entrant, there were other complications too. I felt kinda bad for whoever tried to do that because it seems like a bit of a challenge to make it work properly.

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