conversations about blogging

meetinging.jpgI hosted a mini party with some friends yesterday. Each person brought some leftovers from thanksgiving and it turned out pretty good. While we were drinking and discussing random things when the topic of websites came up. I asked if anyone blogged. All of them had either a free hosted blog or a social networking homepage. But none of them ever thought about monetizing the sites. They didn’t even know that was an options. I told them of my blogs and showed them the income potential and every got really excited. It really surprised me that my guests were blind to the possibility of internet income. These are young twenty somethings that are all web savvy. They know the web and they understand that internet millionaires are born every hour, but they don’t even consider an internet business for themselves. I got all of them to register a domain name and i agreed to host their sites for them. I think its important to help people who are starting out. I know when i was starting out i could have used that type of guidance.

If you want to start you need to do a few things.

1. You need to register a domain name at godaddy . A dot com is best but dot org, dot net, dot info works too. One of my guests yesterday wanted to register multiple domains yesterday. I advised him not to because its better to start and focus on one website and then start registering more domains after you get a sense of how domaining and website work. Its not a large investment but why start registering random domain names when you haven’t even started yet.

2. You should get yourself an inexpensive host. Prices start at around $9/month.

3. Blog about something you would blog about for free. Pick a topic that you already know a lot about. Pick a niche that you will update at least every few days.

4. Ditch the free blog. Unless you’re generating income already or if your free blog has a high rank, dump that blog cause start with your own. Why waste time making money for google or yahoo when you can put some extra bills in your pocket.

5. Make sure you don’t pay for anything in the beginning. Only thing you should pay for is your domain and hosting. Don’t fall into buying instructional ebooks or joining a make money cult.