Cool colors

hyolee.jpgI don’t want to get into a dork fight over macs or pcs, but let’s face it, macs are way cooler then pcs. Apple knows how to churn out sex with their products. I prefer doing everything on my windows visita desktop or laptop, but when i hit the road, i take my powerbook. Macs are just sexier. I think i figured out why.

It’s all about the colors. I know size matters too. The new feather weight, fit in a manilla envelop laptop is pretty awesome. Think about the colors of Apple’s products. They use three. Black, White, and Silver. That’s it. How cool and sexy is that. I know the little girly nano’s come in pink, green, and stuff. But the core colors of apple are fixed.

When designing stuff on your blog, think about using some of them cool colors.