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copycat.jpgI’ve seen a few ads where i was tricked. I thought i was clicking one thing, but instead found myself on a different web page. These tricky copycat ads are annoying, but guess what, it works. If you have a certain internet moral code you wish to follow, don’t read this post.

What are copycat ads? I guess copycat ads are any type of ad that resembles a different ad. Usually they’ll take the form of message boxes or video clips. Recently i’ve been noticing entrecard widgets that aren’t entrecard widgets. They got me. And the guy who designed the ad did a great job of tricking me. Very annoyed and i’ll probably not visit that site again, but hey, he got a click from me.

Entrecard has created a little chain dropping community. These chain droppers just keep clicking the widget and dropping cards. Why not have some fun and design an entrecard widget sized ad and link it to a porn site or something. Great practical joke! This won’t make you any money, but it’s pretty rock and roll if you ask me.

7 thoughts on “Copycat ads entrecard

  1. Forest Parks

    John Cow has a cool Entrecard one with the words dropped on it. I fell for that but found it pretty funny.

    I guess it’s no more immoral than speed dropping.

  2. the noob Post author

    hugo- yup. it’s actually pretty clever when you think about it.

    forest- i saw it. that’s interesting that he would do that. he opts to lose 15 percent of his traffic. very interesting. he should at least link it to an affiliate or something

  3. Chica

    Copycatters do nothing more then make me go back to their site again to see if somehow I made a mistake, then I end up asting three or more seconds on them, and that pisses me off! LOL I don’t find it clever, if I was a popular blog, and someone did a copycat card on me, I’d be a little peeved.

  4. Living on Adsense

    I think I would get pretty upset if I were tricked into going to a porn site.

    I wouldn’t be mad that it went to a porn site, it’s just that when I “end up” at a porn site I find that I waste too much time on the site, when I should be working, or blogging.

    Porn: It’s a Love/Hate thing

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