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cover your expenses if you want to make money online like vanessa marcilI started blogging on around 9 months ago. During this time, i’ve tweaked and set up a lot of different websites. I started as a complete noobie, but now feel like i can do pretty much anything online. If you want to make money online, you have to treat your internet business like a real business. This mean that you have to constantly work at growing your business. There is no such thing as easy money. You can’t put up a website and slap some adsense and expect money to fall into your pocket. If that was the case, you and millions of other newbies would be rich already. To start your online business the right way, you first have to cover your expenses.

Compared to offline businesses, web businesses don’t cost a lot of money. But, it still cost money. So, if you want to be successful (make money), you have to make sure that the money you payout is less then the money you collect. For most newbies, the cost is relatively low. All you need to do is cover the cost of domain and hosting. If you’re on a free hosted blog, then you don’t have have to pay for shit. But, it’s also harder to monetize a free hosted blog. If you want to make it easier on yourself, i recommend getting your own domain and hosting. Domain names cost around $7/year. Shared hosting cost around $7/month and it usually comes with a free domain.

Paid plugging. This type of blog monetization is frowned upon by blogging purists. Google hates it too. But, it really is the best way for a newbie to make money online. Any blog that has around 10 posts in the last month can qualify for programs like sponsoredreviews and payperpost. The pay is usually low like $5-$10, but if you do one post, you already got the cost of your domain covered for one full year. Do one a month and you got your hosting covered.

Grunt work. I don’t do this anymore, but when i started, i was all over this. You bet your ass that i was doing all the hard “manual labor” of the internet. These type of employment is comparable to the dish washing, strawberry picking, and toilet cleaning jobs of immigrant workers. When my parents first came to the States, they did these type of jobs. They worked hard at it and sent two sons to colllege. My parents went from washing dishes and cleaning toilets to owning their own businesses. They also own properties in South California. Hard work pays guys. It’s not an easy street to riches but if you work hard, you will make money. To get started, join all the webforums. Make contacts by networking in these forums. Join anything and everything. Visit a lot of small and medium blogs and leave useful comments. Let people know that you’re interested in making money. Offer them your services. Submit sites to directories, copywrite, and design for $10 at a time. Doing this sucks, but you’ll learn a lot during this process. Think of it like working your way up from the mail room. Except, you’re trying to create your own business online instead of working for someone else all your life.

Before you know it, you’ll have a few hundred in profits. A couple more months of this and you now have a few thousand dollars saved up. Now you have some bankroll. In poker, it’s all about the bankroll. I know great players who live horrible lives because they don’t know how to manage their bankroll. Don’t venture into something you don’t have the bankroll for. Don’t risk money that you can’t really lose. Now that your expenses are covered, start investing your profits in other websites. Do a lot of research before you jump in. Hit up sitepoint and check out the sites that are selling. Study the transactions. Find out which sites sell well and try to emulate what they do. Buy a few of the cheaper ones. Buy a few sites that make like $10/month on auto pilot. You should be able to pick one up for $200-$300. Buy some premium domain names. 3 character dot coms (,, $200 starting price), 4 letter dot coms ( $30 starting price), and 5 number dot coms ( $15 starting price) are good places to start. In my opinion, these investment are way better then stocks or bonds. You can actually use it to build websites on these investments.

Whenever you pay for something, always do your homework. Make sure that you are indeed buying something of value. If you really want a custom wordpress theme, then have a plan. Try to get a coder at elance or scriptlance to whip one up for you for $100-$200. Sell that theme to 10 bloggers for 10 dollars each. You got yourself a free theme. If you want to try out a new software, email the software writer and see if you can barter. Offer a review or one of you grunt services in exchange for the software. Remember newbies, even if you see a price tag, try to get it for free.

This post is getting way too long. The noob is hungry and gonna go get some chitown pizza. Noob out!

15 thoughts on “Cover your expenses to make money online

  1. Jared Stenzel

    Quickly thought I’d point out a new search engine that we’ll probably hear more about in a few months. was made by three ex-google employees. It may be worth figuring out how the search engine works, maybe some domain snagging, and yeah, whatever else the news can do for you.

  2. the noob Post author

    jared- i was on cuil the other day. didn’t like it at all. search results were terrible. don’t think these ex google employees will put even a scratch on google. it won’t even come close to yahoo or msn let alone google.

  3. Desmond -

    Cuil’s kinda cool in terms of their design. But it still sucks especially in consumer-friendly usage department.

    Cuil sounds bad too.

    The most it can go would be until it matches HotBot (medium-size search engine).

  4. Jared Stenzel

    It could use some improvements, but I want another competitor so I’ll use it to help support it 😀

    Soon I’ll start paid plugs so I can cover my money expenses for my blog. Great post.

  5. Puneet

    gr8 post … a perfect post which can be recommended to newbies and few of my frds who are tryin to earn some pocket money online 😉

    btw the image gal is gud 😀

  6. the noob Post author

    suplado- yeah

    desmond- u’d think that they’d spend some money on a better four letter dot com.

    jared- yeah i want google to face competition. i was hoping that microsoft would buy out yahoo. but that ain’t happening. it’ll happen, but not anytime soon. hard to take down a giant. in the case of microsoft, they never got taken down. they still rule desktop software, but google did take some market share with their open office suites. we’ll see what happens. u hijacked my comments jared. Damn you! 😉

    puneet- thanks. yeah gals are awesome

  7. mspennylane

    This sounds like really good advice, I guess it’s true what you say about starting at the bottom. I guess I’d better get moving! Thanks!

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