Create a spike in traffic with giveaways

hayden panettiere makes money onlineCreate a Spike in Traffic with Giveaways is a guest post written by Wendy Limauge.

Hosting a giveaway on your blog is a great way to create excitement, spike your traffic, and almost double your readership overnight. Giveaways, contests, and sweepstakes are a tested and proven method to drive traffic to a blog, website, movie, store opening, or TV show. Promotions and giveaways are big business. Just ask Coke, Pepsi, and any other major company. Every movie that comes out has some type of promotion or giveaway attached to it and so do big events like the Superbowl. How many times have you watched the guy in center field throw the football through a tiny hole in a display to win a million dollars?

What is a giveaway and how is it used on a blog?

Offering a giveaway requires the entrant posts a comment or does some other type of action to enter to win a prize. By coming up with a set of rules you can require the entrant to do other things in return to be entered (see below).

How does running a giveaway on my blog spike traffic?

People love free stuff – plain and simple. And, winning is even better. Why are casinos booming even when the economy is bad? It is that thrill of winning and knowing that you could possibly win something of value that keeps people coming back. Just walk past a machine or gaming table where someone just hit it big and you are hooked. You know someday that could be you.

Although some people may find your site just because you are running a giveaway, those viewers may also turn into readers. Of course, good content is what keeps them reading throughout the week or month once you have all of those new readers. The promotion or giveaway is the hook you use to get them to your site and then it is up to you how you keep them reading and becoming loyal followers.

If you have ongoing promotions on your site those readers will know it and continue to follow you. They know there is a good chance you might do it again. You must also earn their trust by actually sending out the prizes, otherwise, word gets out that you aren’t to be trusted but that’s a completely different topic.

Implementing the Giveaway on your site

As a small blog owner you probably don’t have the resources to implement a large-scale promotion but you can use giveaways to drive traffic to your site and also increase your readership.

By implementing weekly giveaways on one of my blogs I successfully turned a PR0 blog into a PR3 blog in 2 months and doubled my readership. And, my readership continues to grow each week because I have ongoing, weekly giveaways.

When you give something away on your blog or website it is a good idea to require that the entrant do something to win.

You can have them:

* Visit the prize sponsor’s site and post a comment about what they like about the site or their favorite product if the site sells something
* Post a comment somewhere else on your blog and then tell you in a comment on the giveaway post

For extra entries have them:

* Sign up for your feed
* Write a blog post about your giveaway and link back to the entry form page
* Link to your site

Once someone writes a blog article about your contest they don’t usually take it off and Viola, you have created instant backlinks and many times those backlinks are coming from sites that are very relevant to your own.

Advertising your promotion

A promotion without advertising is a prize sitting idle in a box waiting for a winner. I advertise my weekly giveaways each and every time I have a new one on 4 or 5 high traffic sweepstakes and contests directories. You can also advertise your blog giveaway on another blog if you have one or have a friend blog about it. If you want or need a list of good sites to advertise your promotion on visit my sweepstakes site at I will also advertise your promotion on my site free of charge.


The only drawback I have found by running a promotion on my site is that I have to pay postage to ship the prize to the winner. If you have a prize sponsor you can have them donate the prize and also ship it to the winner. If you don’t have a sponsor you will have to come up with the prize but it really doesn’t have to be an expensive prize. I have had hundreds of people enter to win 1 book or 1 CD. Bottom line – people love to win free stuff – I know I do!

Wendy Limauge, aka Swisher Sweetie, has been entering and winning contests and sweepstakes since 1993. She teaches people how to successfully enter to win and also teaches blog and business owners on her site, and, to use giveaways to drive traffic and grow their business.

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  1. Mike Huang

    Giving away things do help boost start a website even if it’s not a blog. My team and I have been giving prizes since the start and we have very good results in Google and good traffic. Now we’re just looking for blogs that would want to get in on a huge contest sponsorship 😉


  2. Bella Casa

    I love hosting giveaways and yes, my numbers always spike during a giveaway and I have also added new readers because of giveaways.

    Found you via Entrecard.

    Nice to meet you,

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