Creatures of habit

habit.jpgPeople are creatures of habit. What kind of soap do you use? Ivory? Irish Sping? You probably use the same soap that your dear mama used. Major corporations spend millions to get you to try their product. They know that once you try it, you could potentially become a life long customer. Look at the tobacco industry, i only smoke Marlboros cause that was the first cig i ever smoked.

I try not to use yahoo for search anymore, but i still visit their site and sometimes use their search engine cause i have my email account there. Since i started with yahoo, it’s hard for me to get off it. I read yahoo news, and check the weather on yahoo. Even tho i prefer google for search, I started with yahoo and now i’m in the habit of using yahoo. That’s why every web giant tries to get you to download their toolbar. Cause you’ll get in the habit of using it. Heck, you’ll probably never use anything else. You’ll probably never even notice.

Web hosting companies will take a lose to get you to try their service. If you minus the affiliate commission they give out for a year of hosting, you’ll see that they don’t make any money off of a sale. But they know that once you host your site on their server, you will always use their site. It’s hard for the average blogger to switch hosting companies. They know that. They just want you to start with them cause you’ll get in the habit of using them for years to come.

Look at the type of blogs you visit. Even tho we have a lot of choices, we visit the same old blogs. For tech stuff, maybe engadget is better then gizmodo. But i always visit gizmodo. Not because it’s better. They both have the same info anyway. I visit gizmodo cause that’s the first tech blog i read. Make Money blogs. I don’t anymore, but i started with johnchow, so i used to always visit his blog. Even after i learned of doshdosh. I can honestly say that doshdosh is a better blog about making money online. But, i would rarely visit cause i got in the habit of visiting chows blog. I don’t anymore tho. I kicked that habit after i started my own make money blog.

This is why being the first is important. When people decide on something, it’s really hard to change. People don’t like change. They like the security of the known. When you’re starting a new site or blog, try to be the first. Try to get a lot of noobs to your blog. Be one of the first and you’ll make money with your blog.

If someone visits your blog and they like it, they’ll get in the habit of visiting it. BloggerNoob dot com isn’t even a good make money blog. but i get close to 130 direct visits every day. Why? Cause they are in the habit of checking my blog everyday. It’s either that or they think they’ll get a random prize.(today’s winner is Bobzilla. Leave me a comment below to claim your prize) Or maybe they know that my blog is a good place to start dropping entrecards. Whatever it is, they are in the habit of coming to my blog.

Think of ways to get people in the habit of visiting. That’s why it’s important to post on a regular basis. If you stop posting, the habitual visits find another blog to visit regularly. Giving out free stuff is usually a plus. People love freebies. They might check your blog regularly to get some free stuff. Do it regularly and people will regularly visit your blog.

8 thoughts on “Creatures of habit

  1. Tommy

    I’ve got more habits than I can shake a stick at and most aren’t that great! We are a habitual animal and some more than others. Gotta go….make a B double E Double R UN….LOL…Joking…Not on school nights! Wouldn’t be able to answer the police officer coherently at 0400 like today!!!!!!!! argh….darned kids.


  2. the noob Post author

    tommy-are u drunk already tommy? make sure you don’t drink and drive. remember, friends don’t let friends drive drunk 😉

  3. killian

    I have some weird habits, both online and offline, for example, I do not sleep unless I turn the light off twice (off, on, off) lol
    ok, whatever, nice post :}

  4. Justin Bieber

    Dude, please tell me that youre heading to create more. I notice you havent written another weblog for a while (Im just catching up myself). Your weblog is just also important to be missed. Youve obtained so considerably to say, these knowledge about this subject it would be a shame to see this weblog disappear. The internet needs you, man!

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