David vs Goliath

emma.jpgIf you’ve been following up on some literary news, you probably already heard of the Harry Potter battles. J.K. and her legal team are sueing the pants off of a couple of small time publishers. I read those articles and thought to myself, what a greedy bitch.

If i was a billionaire author, i’m not sure if i would sue some guy that’s helping me promote my books. Even if she’s writing a similar followup. She shouldn’t feel threatened by such a small time publisher. The guy operates from his one room apartment.

Just something that kinda bothered me. I’ll leave you with a quote from a bartender who was ordered to pay Red Bull more than $500,000 for serving mixed drinks with a substitute. “It’s like if you ask me for Kleenex and I give you a tissue.”

6 thoughts on “David vs Goliath

  1. the noob Post author

    mahdi yusuf- i can. i really can. coke taste’s better. 😉

    chiq montes- i know a lot of people in the uk and us love hp, and lord of the rings….but honestly, i don’t get it. it’s about gay wizards.

    jared stenzel- this got in the press cause it was deemmed news worthy. you’d be surprised how many of these types of lawsuits there are in the corporate world. it’s all about the coin.

  2. Ben Barden

    With the bartender, was it a drink being sold with Red Bull in the name (e.g. “Vodka Red Bull”) but without Red Bull actually in it? This reminds me of going into a bar in the UK and asking for a Coke, only to be met with “We only have Pepsi, is that OK?” In other bars I asked for Pepsi and was asked if it was OK that they only had Coke. Basically I was guessing which one they had. :) It might sound silly but I think they have to do it that way.

    I’m not sure about suing tiny publishers (haven’t read that in the news so I don’t know all the facts), but as an example, would it be acceptable if someone was reselling software and not giving any of the money to the software company – if they were a small-time venture? I can see both sides – perhaps a “peaceful negotiation” would be a better route though.

  3. the noob Post author

    ben-yeah, i’m guessing it was something like vodka red bull. I understand the whole coke, pepsi thing, and i understand that bartenders have to the specific drink, but 500k? that’s just silly. because of this, i’m not drinking red bull anymore. imma boycott red bull. 😉

    about the software example…well, the difference is that the book the small time publisher wrote is like a reference book. It references and defines the world of harry potter. I know copyright attorneys will freak…but one can argue that derivative works don’t infringe copyright. Too bad those small timers can’t afford a good attorney, or they might have a case.

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