Dirty internet marketing 101

dirty.jpgSometimes you have to play dirty to win the blogging rat race. What do i mean by dirty…well, not clean. Doing things out of the ordinary. Using what Johnchow calls “EVIL” tactics. I hate that word evil. Here are a few dirty tricks you can use to market your blog.

Dirty internet marketing 101.

1. Create a youtube account and upload some funny videos. The newer and funnier the better. Put links to your website in your description section. Use the alexa redirect. If your videos get a lot of hits, you’ll get some nice traffic that way. You’ll also climb in alexa ranks a little faster then normal.

2. Create a myspace, friendster, facebook account. Set up links to your blog. This is plain vanilla marketing right? Not dirty enough right? Well you have to put a spin on it. Create a fake account. Meaning, use a secret identity. Isn’t that the whole point of these social marketing sites. To create alter egos. Put a few convincing photos of an attractive male or female. The hotter the better. But make it convincing. Don’t put a pic of Jessica alba or something like that. Use your friend’s pic if you’re an ugly person. Make sure you get your friend’s permission though. Network on the site and before you know it, you’ll become popular. You will get some clicks that way.

3. Post really cheap contests and posting gigs on web forums. Offer to pay $1 for a paid review and links to your website. You’ll be surprised at how many people will actually do these $1 postings. Have them link to your site. Contests, can be cheap too…like 5 dollars. Do something simple like comment contest. Have them come to your website and leave a comment. You’ll select a winner in 1 week or something. I did this when i first started this blog, and i got over 10 comments. Back then, that was a big deal for me. I ran the contest for 24 hours, but i’m sure you could run it for 10 days or so and people would still enter.

4. Add as many friends as you can on site like mybloglog, blogcatalog, and bumpzee. Join as many groups as you can also. The newer the member or group, the better. They will check out your site. And if you have a good blog, maybe they will keep coming back.

5. I feel like i’ve revealed too many dirty internet marketing tricks already. If you want more, you should subscribe to my RSS. It probably won’t make you a better internet marketer, but it will make your penis and boobies bigger.

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