Do before you learn

do-before-you-learn.jpgNewbies should learn to blog by blogging. The best way to learn something is by doing, not by reading about it. I have a friend who makes good money making flash videos. He charges like $60/hour. That’s an impressive freelance rate. I asked him how he got started. And i asked him how he got hourly rate up so high. This is what he said.

He said “just keep doing.” He learned flash out of necessity. He was hired to build a website that required flash. When he took the job, he only knew HTML and CSS. After taking the job, he started fiddling with flash. Before that gig, he didn’t know what action script was. He didn’t know anything about flash. Because he was forced into learning by doing, he became very good at it. So good that he actually can get jobs for $60/hour.

Blogging works in the same way. In the beginning, you won’t know shit. You can read all you want, but you won’t learn much until you do. Until you set up your own blog, every thing you’ve read won’t mean shit. You won’t remember much either. But once you maintain a blog, you’ll start to learn things one at a time. In the beginning, i didn’t even know how to insert an image into my post. I couldn’t even figure out how to download and upload a new wordpress theme. Plugins were a mystery. Now, i feel so comfortable around the wordpress admin area. I feel confident enough to mess with code. If i don’t know how to do something, i feel confident that i can figure it out. That’s the attitude you need to become a successful blogger. Confidence. You’ll only get it if you “do before you learn.”

6 thoughts on “Do before you learn

  1. MindBlogger

    Totally agree with you.

    Some people just go through a dozen make money online blogs per day but actually do nothing about it except for day dreaming. Every successful blogger had claimed their place in the blogosphere from a trial and error method..

  2. the noob Post author

    mindblogger- i bought books on wordpress and “how to start a website” books, and it didn’t help much. i started learning when i logged in to my wordpress blog and started blogging. yup. it’s all about trial and error

  3. Jackie

    I think with Money Making Blogs…basically all you need to do is have traffic and monetize. Thats it. I remember a famous blogger quoted it and I believe its true. It really doesn’t have to be so difficult. So right now my focus is on blogging (of course) and traffic. I think when it gets all technical and stuff, that is when it gets confusing and that is when people forget…but yes you learn by doing & trial/error.

  4. the noob Post author

    jackie- bingo. make money blogging is for idiots. meaning, any idiot can do it. Of course, you have to be a mega idiot if you want to make the big bucks. Sorry to say..that the noob isn’t that big of an idiot. Damn! Traffic is all there is to it. If you have traffic, you can wrote high paying paid plugs. Webmasters will pay you for private ads. And then you can write whatever you want. Like restaurant reviews.

  5. ccRicers

    This is how I view my skills:
    technical/coding – 8/10
    writing/content 5/10
    marketing/advertising – 2/10

    I think we need more “make traffic” blogs to balance out the “make money” blogs. Making money is step 2. That’s why I love doshdosh.

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