Do you know who Peter Rojas is?

I bet some of you do but i would say more then 50% of you don’t know. If i asked if you knew who John Chow was i bet around 90% would know. This questions doesn’t just go out to blogger noobs. I think generally most blogger don’t know the name Peter Rojas. It’s an important name for blogger but its not in everybodys head.

Let me explain who Mr Rojas. I’ll give you an easy hint. Engadget. Bingo. He is the founder of Engadget. He started Gizmodo before that. Recently he cashed in big time by selling out to AOL. He is a millionaire. Let me repeat A MILLIONAIRE.

According to NYU’s jounalism blog, Petey was an out of work jounalist. He started to blog about gadget with gizmodo when Gawker Media founder Nick Denton came a knocking. Soon thereafter Engadget became a more popular blog then gizmodo. Instead of putting John Chow up on a pedestal put Peter Rojas up. Its your right to dream big. Why stop at 20k, go for a cool mil.

Peter Rojas’s secret: “Rojas also attributes Engadget’s success to its “insane number” of posts. Engadget is updated about 40 times a day, and up to 135 times a day during big events like the Consumer Electronics Show. When he first started the site, Rojas says he would sleep only fours hours a night so he could post as often as possible. He still works 80-hour weeks. “I’ve probably done 6,100 posts for Engadget over the past three years,” he says.”

Work hard and aim for the fences. My blog is almost a month old. It’s hard to write sometimes and i need some inspiration. Not having readership or losing the few precious readers is a real downer. When you’re stuck and don’t feel like writing, switch it up and bit and write anyway. Just keep pushing. Most of the advice has been covered by thousands of bloggers anyway. Its about repackaging the same stuff over and over again. Or changing it a little and giving a fancy name. Its like Mexican food. Like Jim Gaffigan says “Mexican restaurants shouldn’t have menus, its all the same thing…torilla with meat cheese and vegetables….hhhot pocket”