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domain1.jpgIf you start to play the webmastering game, you’ll find that you will register tens, even hundreds of domains. What’s the best place and register your domains? What should be avoided?

Register Domain

I personally think that godaddy is the best place for domain name registration. It’s cheap, fast, and secure. There’s a reason why godaddy is number 1 in the domain department.

I purchased my first domain on network solutions. I don’t like them that much. And i forgot what happen to that first domain. I guess i just let it expire and never check on it. A few years ago, i started another website and got the hosting and domain on Yahoo. That was a terrible mistake. I guess i did it cause i was a complete noob. It was hard to move my domain over from yahoo, and i later found out that they outsource their domain registration. What a waste of time and money.

Now, all of my 100 plus domains are on godaddy. I think it’s good to keep all of your domains on one registrar. It makes it easy to manage and you don’t ever have to fuss with moving them from registrar to registrar. And since they are the biggest, more then likely, you’ll have to deal with godaddy sooner or later. Might as well make it sooner.

When you set up your blog with shared hosting, the host will usually register your domain for free. It’s cool and all, but don’t get trapped by the free domain. Don’t register your main domain with that hosting plan. Just get a generic domain. Get your main domain names on godaddy.

24 thoughts on “Domain name registration

  1. Jackie

    I like Yahoo Domain hosting, GoDaddy is cool too…I wouldn’t do hosting with neither though, I do have hosting original through DayanaHost but then discovered HostGator was better.

  2. Funked

    I think is the best. $5.99. All my domains are hosted there.

    I’m getting quite addicted to buying domain names. I guess I’m hoping I’ll have one that somebody really really wants. :)

  3. witchypoo

    I have registered with GoDaddy, but am having trouble getting it to show the blog that was originally a blogspot blog. I hate blogspot.

  4. the noob Post author

    jackie- yahoo? really? i think they outsource it to a company in australia. melboure it or something. i personally don’t like registering my main domains as the freebie with hosting plans. if i could go back, i would register bloggernoob with godaddy.

    funked- 5.99 for a dot com? not too shabby. yeah i like buying up domains. u gotta watch it tho. i got a bit overzealous. i have around 50 domains that i leave parked on godaddy. such a waste. wish i could trade it in for a refund. 500 bucks!

    witchypoo- i hate blogspot too. all that work on a google blog. it’s best to start on your own self hosted blog. makes ur future in blogging a lot easier. but then again, there are a few blogspot blogs that are awesome. most are crap tho 😉

  5. Christian

    I use for domain and hosting. I didn’t do enough research and now It seems like you can only register one domain in your host! That means that you need to buy another hosting + pay setup fee.. :/


  6. Tommy

    Just registered with Godaddy for a friend’s new business. I kind of like Godaddy though most of my domains I keep with hostgator. They’re not cheap though…and you’re right I’ve made the mistake not once, but twice with registering with Yahoo…nightmare both times, though this last one I got transferred pretty quickly.


  7. Lawrance

    I use this code all the time and it really helps to save me money while brainstorming ideas for domains. Other codes in this family include ZINE1 (Save 10% on anything), and ZINE2 (Save $5 off $30).these cheap domain are really useful.

  8. ccRicers

    All my domains are hosted with GoDaddy and I don’t think I’ll switch soon, just for the fact that I like having all my domains managed in one place. Hostgator is nice and they let you hook multiple domains with one hosting plan.

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  10. Serg

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  11. the noob Post author

    christian- that sucks. yeah some hosting providers only allow one domain. u have to check how many addon domains they allow. and how many mysql databases too. anhosting, bluehost, hostmonster are good ones.

    tommy- yup, yahoo is lame. you’d think that the worlds most popular website would have good domain and hosting. guess they’re only good as a portal. what business is toastyears? sounds pretty interesting.

    lawrance- thansks for the code. godaddy has a lot of codes. u can buy domains for around 7 dollars. works for renewal as well.

    ccricers- i guess a lot of people here like hostgator. when u start buying and selling domains, u have to get accts with other registrars. i have an acct with most. enom, namecheap, snapnames, name, wildwest, etc.

    serg- damn u spam! askimet didn’t block u!

    smart domainers- yup, they’re terrible. network solutions and yahoo are big tho. the registration fee is just sick. i’ll have to check out luckyregister.

  12. AlexM

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  13. Fumiko Buscher

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