Domain name suggestions

start.jpgI was ill informed of the importance of domain names when i started this blog. I thought they had to be short and catchy like a google or yahoo. I learned that is not necessarily the case. You can have a long keyword specific domain name that is actually better then a short domain. For make money online blogs, having the keywords make, money, and online in your domain probably will help in the long run as you build up your site. If your site is about the pilgrims and the mayflower, try to get mayflowerpilgrims dot com as opposed to mayprims dot com.

Domain name is important when setting up your website or blog. You have to make sure that the domain is unique. Domain names should not be diffcult to spell or pronounce. It’s also important to think about if your domain is confusing or not.

4 thoughts on “Domain name suggestions

  1. Jeremy

    Yeah..I totally agreed in finding a unique domain name. I prefer a short and catchy domain name. I don’t know whether is a catcy one. Anyway, as long i’m happy with that, i got nothing to lose,maybe.. :( right mate?

  2. the noob Post author

    jake ruston- thanks dude. topyoutubevideos ain’t too shabby either.

    jeremy- i like moolahking. and i love your name jeremy. may i call you Ron?

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