Domain Tournament Final Four

domaintournamentfinalfour.jpgThe moment you have all been waiting for is here. The first Domain Tournament Final Four hosted by The Noob. I’m kind of bitter cause my own domain didn’t make it to the final four. A few of my readers decided to lynch my domain name. I’m not going to name names, but you know who are you…and shame on you. For the next tournament, i want you lynchers to think about something. WWJD. What Would Jesus Do? I don’t think Jesus would lynch bloggernoob dot com. Anyway, I will host another Domain Tournament right after this one finishes, so enter your domain now for the next tournament. Just leave me a comment with the domain name that you want to enter. Let the Domains begin!



38 thoughts on “Domain Tournament Final Four

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  3. the noob Post author

    kakhruddin- you are entered with

    oreop- is entered

    skunk- is entered

    ben- is in

    jeff- is in

    assburgerboy- you should buy ur down domain. i think it would make it to the final four. :) i love assburgers

    metalicdust- is entered

    matt- is entered

    jonathon- it appears that way. at least you can enter the next tourney

    oldknudsen- haha. yeah she’s a beaut. i get distracted myself. i should be writing posts but i keep looking at that damn pic.

    jdp- is entered

    chica- i guess u have good taste chica

    bobzilla- so you don’t want to enter a bit lengthy but u could still enter it. who knows. if you want you can enter a shorty name. let me know bob.

  4. Tommy

    @ Rook.

    You’re up against the psychicgeek…She knows what you’re doing before you do…You’re screwed!…LOL…Actually she’s likely gonna win the thing and she gets outside help. Gonna be tough to beat.


  5. the noob Post author

    tommy- you are entered with can’t wait to see what new and awesome domain you got up your sleeve.

    rookie- yup. it’s almost like a first round matchup. you made it past me tho…and i’m hosting the damn thing.

    tommy- yup. she’s getting help from the moons of jupiter.

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