Domain Tournament Round 2

domaintournament2.jpgThis domain tournament is intense. Some intense battles were displayed in the first round. If your domain didn’t make it in this tournament, don’t fret, this tournament was so fun, i promise i will do this again. Maybe I’ll have to do a March Madness type Domain Tournament and make it more organized with brackets and stuff. If you guys help me spread the word by writing and linking to the tournament, i’ll make it worth your while. If enough of you guys help me spread the word, I might just add $2 dollars for every domain that enters! Also, i added a counter on the sidebar. So you can check up on when my contests, tournaments, and etc ends. If you want to enter my next domain tournament, leave me a comment with the domain you want to enter. You may only enter 1 domain/person. Anyway, let’s start the second round…Ding Ding Ding!









32 thoughts on “Domain Tournament Round 2

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  3. Mattaw

    Jon, don’t loose hope, your ahead right now, im rooting for ya!

    I love this idea, and will definately be in the next one. Can’t wait for round three.

  4. bloggernoob

    jonathon- a real nail biter.

    mattaw- glad u like it. i’ll do another one, with a bigger prize pool. and i want more domains to enter, so i can make it like college basketball march madness. i put up the contest countdown on the sidebar. so you can check the exact time the contest will end, that’s when i’ll start round three. if in any case there is a tie, i’ll choose the domain i think is better and that domain will advance.

    hugo- haha. no, but you can enter the next tournament.

    justin- thanks, i’m having a blast with it too. i’m also feeling the pressure too. next round will be tough

  5. Tommy

    Sheesh…outta the fryin’ pan straight into the fire…now I get matched against the darned host!!! Talk about a rough two rounds…Looks like a 2 and cue for me…gonna end up perhaps a quart low…LOL

    Cool, fun contest though!


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  7. the noob Post author

    arindra- of course you can, if you think it can help you make it to the 3rd round, do it! *whisper* i take bribes too you know. :)

    justin- haha, nice! me too!

    jonathon- i would have done made the rounds last 24 hours, but i received requests to make it 48 hours, for the time change. for people in australia, or asia. but yeah, the suspense is killin me

    tommy- haha. tommy, i wish i could help you out here, but obvious there is a conflict of interest. 😉

    tamera- i know huh, it’s like america idol

  8. bloggernoob

    advance to the next round. congrats guys!

  9. the noob Post author

    deb- this tounament is over. i’m sure wozog appreciates your post touney vote tho. :) i’m running another one in time for march madness. so you should vote for wozog then. or you should enter your own domain

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