Don’t be cheap

cheap.jpgThis blog post isn’t for noobs. Business, even blogging, is like monopoly. If you buy Baltic and Mediterranean(purple) and put hotels on them, you’ll only make 500 bucks at most. But if you buy Boardwalk and Parkplace and place hotels, you make 2 grand. It’s more expensive to buy the Boardwalk and it cost more money to put hotels on them, but it’s well worth it. Theres a saying in real estate. It’s better to buy a shitty house in a rich neighborhood then a mansion in the ghetto. If you want to make money online, you can’t be cheap. This post isn’t for noobs. This post is for people who have been blogging for at least 3 months. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll know what to avoid. Don’t pay for overpriced stuff, but learn to distinguish between pricey things, and things that are worthwhile. I still think a review on johnchow is for losers. But there are a lot of options that require cash to work. Spend money on a new themes. Invest in a new website. Buy a premium domain. Buy a website on sitepoint. So many things you can do to increase your online income. These things require you to invest some of your cash. If you’re a noob, don’t do it yet. Do this after you understand how the online economy works. Do this after you can spot a good deal from a scam. Not even scams, Just things that are way overpriced. Like a johnchow review.

I bought a lot of ads from small and medium blogs. I paid 5 bucks for them but i found that it really isn’t worth it to buy private ads from small blogs. It’s probably better to buy 2 private ads on medium blogs as opposed to buying 20 private ads on small blogs. I really want to support noob bloggers, but buying private ads on a low traffic blog won’t help you get much traffic. Instead, look for alternative cheap ads. I recently bought up a lot of entrecard credits and started buying ads that way. This has been a really good investment for me. My entrecard traffic is increasing and it’s so cheap. I bought 1000 entrecard credits for 5 bucks, but on ebay, you could probably buy them for around 4 dollars per 1000 credits.

Buying 5 dollars links or 10 dollar reviews is actually a waste of money. It’s probably better to buy another domain and put up a blog on that domain. Write a few posts just to get indexed and sign that blog up for networking sites and add a link from there. It’s a good way to start you off with multiple blogs and get you some links to your main blog. Doesn’t cost much money either.

I’m starting to see a lot of of the top spot widgets. This thing is a complete waste. I’ve tried it out and it slowed down my load time. I purchased a few top spot links and found that it didn’t send me any traffic. It’s also something that is easy to buy, but you won’t get traffic from it. I guess it’s more of a gesture and beats just donating, don’t do this if you want clicks to your blog.

Blogging should be treated like a business. If you want to increase your income, sooner or later, you’re going to have to start spending some green. Don’t be cheap with your blog. And don’t overspend. If you have been blogging for over 3 months and understand how the game works, then start spending some money. If you’re making 300 bucks a month from you blog, consider spending half of it to reinvest into your blog. I personally think that you should never spend over 50% of your blogging income back into your blog. But that’s just me. I know bloggers who spend 100% of their profits and it works out nicely for them. But sooner or later you should keep some of the profits. It’s not fun if you never get to pocket some of you blog money.

11 thoughts on “Don’t be cheap

  1. Chica

    Great tips, but i think the 3 month mark is a little low, I know some folks who’ve been at it for more then 6, and they still haven’t a clue! :)

  2. Jared Stenzel

    Setting the mark of experience shouldn’t be the amount of time blogging rather their sites feed subscribers, total earnings, and overall site growth. Just my opinion.

  3. Forest Parks

    I was wondering if the ad on my site had got you any traffic. I figured as my traffic was low it probably would not yield you much so decided to leave it up for a while longer than the month you paid me for.

    My traffic is growing slowly though and today I just started shaping a new site I’m hoping I can ride the Indy 4 wave for a bit and get Adsense earnings. I have $20 adwords credit, would you advise this as good spending?

  4. Tommy

    Noob’s right on this one. He’s said all along don’t spend your money on buying this kind of junk. Advertising in general is quite tricky and to expect worthwhile, $$ traffic from a $20.00 ad spot at some cow or whatever site you’ll be sadly disappointed. In fact, even a several hundred or thousand dollar campaign through Yahoo, microsoft, google et al will likely not net you what you think it should (especially if you’re cheap—which I’ve found the vast majority of bloggers are). The only reason the big companies advertise is because they can afford to do it. Period. Build your rep, fix your site (s), get a product or service that people want. Those will get you started…then comes longevity…Keep the domains that work (don’t let em get snatched)…and stay at it. Give yourself 18-24 months. If you’re like most and looking for the quick internet buck, you’re gonna lose. Business doesn’t work like that. Spot on as usual Noob!


  5. the noob Post author

    chica- yeah maybe. i’m still very much a noob, but after blogging for about 3 months, i think i got the hang of it. i could identify the scams or things that were overpriced.

    jared- when you put it that way. you really can pin point experience level by ranking or anything. you’re right that maybe setting a time isn’t right. i just stated that as a general guideline.

    forest- thanks for the gesture forest. it’s good that you’re looking into ultra specific niches. if you paid for the 20 adwords credit, then i think it wasn’t wise. usually you can use up 50 bucks in free adwords from you hosting provider. use that. i’ve done a few adwords campaigns and i can say that it’s not for me. but if you go with ultra specific keywords and a optimized landing page, i think you could make a few dollars.

    tommy- thanks. anything in life that promises a quick or free ticket, is a scam. things take time, money, and hard work. luck also pays a factor.

  6. Jackie

    I really don’t have a problem spending money on my blog – I look at it as an investment and I make sure I make a thoughtful decision when I make a purchase for my blog, its like my baby, I need to take care of it, feed it and watch it grow, nurture it 😀

  7. JustChris

    The first time I paid for promotion was $1 for a Scratchback listing, basically one of those “Top Spot” widgets. Yeah, not too much targeted traffic from those. But it was only $1 so I don’t feel a net loss.

  8. Living on Adsense

    It’s too bad that blog promotion spending isn’t like Monopoloy.

    When you buy BoardWalk you know you will earn some cash. When you buy Baltic and Mediterranean (the crack shacks) you know that you will not see a return.

    But you buy the crack shacks anyways because you are there and they are cheap. I find that is what it is like buying ads on some blogs.

    The real problem is when you purchase ads that are the “BoardWalk-Baltic Combo” They have the price of BoardWalk, but the return of Baltic. I wish that blog advertisers came with a little income sheet like Monopoly.

  9. the noob Post author

    justchris- i paid for a few myself. what a waste of money. and what a terrible widget. i wonder how much that guy is making with that widget. pretty smart idea tho. even without repeat customers. all the noobs try it out at least once. that’s how you make money online. just refresh the customer base with noob. i doubt that anyone does that thing more then a few times.

    kendra- what a waste huh? at least it was only 5 bucks. you could have thrown 450 dollars away on a johnchow review.

    living on adsense- yup yup. blog promotion isn’t like any tangible purchase. at least when i buy my overpriced mp3 player(ipod) i know exactly what i’m getting. with a blog ad. you never know what you’ll get. 450 on johnchow blog might get you a thousands hits. but is it worth it? never

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