Don’t be intimidated by John Chow

chan.jpgRounders. For some reason I’ve taken a poker theme with my posts today. Blogging for dollars is not that difficult. Its not rocket science. Its not even programming. Its about writing interesting stuff for the purpose of attracting visitors who in-turn click or buy from your site. Its simple really. You say “but noob, im writing great articles but only make 26 cents a month, when john chow makes over $20,000.” This is true because you helped increase john chow’s bank roll by reading and subscribing and joining affiliates under him. You probably spend more time on his site then your own. And be more positive…26 cents is 26 cents more then i make.
Blogging is more poker then blackjack. Don’t expect to turn a profit in a day or month. It’ll take time. You have to slowly build your stack. Don’t feel like you have to read and write about what the big money blogs are doing. Sure it can get you some clicks but you’re not doing much to grow your blog.
Rounders. In poker, good players play good hands and make money off of bad players. Same thing with blogging. Good “make money” bloggers are making money off of bad bloggers. The bloggers who think that they can turn a quick buck. Those same bloggers are the ones that are unorignal and try to copy what all the other bloggers are doing.

Of course you can’t start out as a good blogger. It takes time to learn this game. You have to keep playing to get better. So don’t give up and keep writing. Your blog is just as good as john chow’s, its just not making the cash yet. Keep blogging and you’ll see that you will double, triple, quadruple your profits every few months. Don’t think these semi blogging celebrities are anything special. Don’t put them on a pedestal or hero worship them. They are regular guys who do the same thing you do. They don’t necessarily do it better. They are on the same ad networks as you are and they run off of wordpress or movable type just like you. Its just that they are making money off of guys like you who clicked through their ad link and signed up. They’ve build up a crowd. People like to gather around crowds. Cheer for teams that are winning. Don’t be that guy. Don’t just follow the crowd if you want to make money blogging. Make some noise and make the crowd gather around you. Peace and word to your mother. Me outs. “Sexual Chocolate….Sexual Chocolate!!…(drop the mic)”

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