Don’t be scared to repeat yourself

repeat.jpgBlogging about making money online gets very very boring. Like Very! It’s cause there’s not much to it. So i like any other make money blogger, have to repeat the same shit over and over again. It gets pretty boring and tiring for me and i’m sure you guys get bored too. But You know what? That’s the name of the game. Don’t think that you have to come up with super original posts every day. That’s just being unrealistic. Every blogger fills his blog with useless posts. It’s like Church. I served my time in church. I’ve listened to thousands of hours of church type stuff. I’ve got most of the sermons memorized. God is an angry God. Jesus is the son of God. Jesus is the word. Jesus is God. Hell is bad. Satan is bad. etc. I get it. Not very hard.

Making money online isn’t complex. Sign up to a bunch affiliate sites. Get traffic. Do some paid posting. Put up some private ads. Done. Nothing more. All that fluff about internet marketing tricks, are just lame. If someone posts about a new trick, most likely that trick ain’t going to work no more.

Don’t lose hope tho guys. These tired ass tricks that thousands of other bloggers employ seem to work. So if you use these tricks, i’m sure you’ll get a few more clicks. And if you keep working them, you’ll have a pretty healthy blog. Bloggernoob dot com started by following johnchow’s advice. Of course i didn’t get visit until i found my own voice, but even if i only listened to johnchow, i’m sure my blog would have grown.

Another reason why you should repeat yourself is cause a lot of your readers are new to your site. If you wrote about something last month, your new visitor won’t check your archives to dig it out. You got to put it right in front of them. How else are you going to get people to join your affiliate links?

I think creative make money bloggers have to do one thing. They have to find a way of repeating the same ol shit without boring readers. That’s what internet marketing is all about. That’s what make money blogging is all about. In case you didn’t notice, this post is the same as my other repeat yourself post. Of course the title is different and i changed up the lyrics a bit. I dare you to find my original repeat yourself post.

5 thoughts on “Don’t be scared to repeat yourself

  1. witchypoo

    Can you tell how hard I’m working to get five bux for commenting?
    I am composing a review for your site. I think I may have a few ideas. Look for it on Wednesday.

  2. kmcgra

    Sometimes if I get bored or need a change, I’ll talk about the weather. But, I don’t blog much about money since I do not have a MM blog. Still interesting to read about it though.

    Hey nOOb, you left comment on my blog looking for my website with my new domain, still very much a work in progress, but it is linked above.

  3. Raven


    I work for a corporation, so I have to repeat myself as part of my normal work process. You see, just another form of how repeating yourself makes money.


  4. the noob Post author

    dara- thanks for dropping by dara. yeah. church. i’ve served my time. that’s all im going to say. :)

    witchypoo- yup. you’re including me in your income report right? word? i didn’t peg you at the hip hop type? word up?

    kmcgra- i check out your new blog. looks nice. and i see that you got some nice links too. good job. :)

    raven- what corporation? i hate corporations. even my own. that’s why i started an LLC for my real estate company. you should watch the documentary “corporations” very insightful

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