Don’t believe private ad sales

fake.jpgMost make money bloggers report their income to it’s readers. I do this on a regular basis. This is useful cause i think most bloggers still don’t understand how money is made with blogs. Stating income also helps when you want to sell you blog. Usually the 10-12 month rule is used to price the purchase price of a blog. One thing you should be careful of is the private ad sales.

Private ads are advertisements that the blogger sells on his or her blog. Usually 125×125 image ads are used. Bloggers also sell text links and reviews. The only problem with these things is that income is false. People fake these income reports. I’ve had a few medium make money bloggers ask me to trade ads. Trading ads isn’t cheating right? But they wanted me to pay for it via paypal, and they would do the same. Why would anyone want to do this? Because it pads the income stats. When you need to prove your income, it helps to show the paypal statements of all of your private ads. The more of these free exchanges you do, the higher your income is. It’s not real income, just something for the unsuspecting sucker who’s going to buy your blog.

Having generic ads on your sidebar looks lame. Every blogspot bloggers has the bidvertiser, ppp, smorty, and tla ads up on the sidebar. This means that they haven’t sold a single ad. But when you start putting up unique ads, your visitors might get impressed. They might think, the blogger is making some nice private ad cash. But i think most of the private ads are being bought and exchange by these type of scams. Make money bloggers have cliques. A few of them will get chummy with each other and click each other ads, stumble each other, and sign up under each other. Kinda trick the system for each others benefit. They do this with private ad income too. Medium blogs will sell ads to each other and get paid for them. But they aren’t really making any money. They are just trading ads. But on paper, it looks all legitimate. When it comes time to sell your blog, you have provable income and can sell your blog way over it’s true value. It’s kinda fraudulent but you’d be surprised how many make money bloggers use this tactic. If bloggernoob bought an ad on noobblogger dot com and paid 50 dollars, and nooblogger did the same on bloggernoob, did anyone make any money? Nope, but the unsuspecting buyer of the blog would think that it’s legitimate income. Don’t believe the hype. Most make money bloggers aren’t making a lot of money with private ad sales. Most of the income is fake.

11 thoughts on “Don’t believe private ad sales

  1. i-martian

    i don’t think that ads trading is like cheating , it’s just commercial issue that would increase the traffic to your sponsors !!

    yet if stranger asked you for ads trading , i think they should pay first .. just to make sure

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  3. Juha Ylitalo

    This article definately explains whole lot of things.
    Of course it is nice, if people can cut off the middle man (and his cut from profit) from ad sales, but I would bet that most big corporation prefers to deal with big advertisement agencies, when they make decisions about advertising on internet, newspapers, etc.
    And since big companies like to deal with other big companies, advertisers might not want to have individual chats with each and every site on their niche. Instead they would probably prefer some sort of channel, which can get their ad spread out to number of websites and makes sure that things stay in budget, they get necessary reports in timely fashion, etc.

  4. Alan

    any prospective purchaser of the blog who is sophisticated enough to have an account review the financials and the fact that there is an advertising expense equal to the advertising income is sure to jump out at anyone trained to analyze financial statements. I suppose there’s a sucker born every minute, so good for you for pointing out this little scam.

  5. the noob Post author

    imartian- i think it could be. if you’re just trading ads, its not. but when you trade ads and pay each other. then you’re just setting up false income reports.

    chris- yeah. but i was more referring to guys who do it just to pad income.

    juha- i get what you’re saying. but i was referring to guys who do it to falsify income.

    alan- yeah. i guess you could analyze it…but i think most blog purchaser aren’t as careful.

    allyn. lol. u clown. allyn, you were voted class clown right?

    witchypoo- yup. i wish i could go back in time and start paypal. i could be flying to the moon.

    ryan- if i buy an ad on ur blog for 50. and u buy an ad on my blog for 50. then nothing really happened.

  6. kmcgra

    As with private ads…the same goes with comments. Bloggers exchange comments on their blogs, under mulitple user names, to make it look like they have a high traffic site…probably just like boggernoob’s?

  7. the noob Post author

    kmcgra- exactly. i guess my point with this post is that you should trust nothing. good point about comments. it’s done all the time. kmcgra could be me. i could have written this last comment and am now commenting to myself. huh?

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