Don’t blog about making money online

makemoneyonline.jpgI think going off topic is frowned upon by the blogging community. How do we not go off topic? It’s probably impossible to completely stay on topic. So what we can do is repeat things we’ve said in our prior posts. Or we can write restaurant reviews. We can write about cows. We can write about pretty much anything and everything. No matter how boring or pointless your blog post is, more then likely someone will read it. Look at most of the top make money bloggers. If you want to get paid for writing your blog, you better accept the fact that you’re going to blog about something other then you niche. Bloggernoob dot com is a make money blog, but i am forced to write about taco bell or santa grams because i want to make a few extra bucks. Don’t give me shit for going off topic.

4 thoughts on “Don’t blog about making money online

  1. Jackie

    Honestly I am so sick of talking about money, home business etc…and its my favorite subject in the world! So I am actually starting just a BS Blog just for that, but you are right if the cows and restaurant reviewers can go off and so will other bloggers, because bs topics happen and are sometimes entertaining. 😛 I think we all get burnt out in our niche sometimes and need something different or out of the whole biz thing to come back to it. Anyway JMO.

  2. the noob Post author

    jackie- good idea on starting another blog. expecially a BS one. the BS ones do a better job at making money. sad but true. rarely can a make money blog do a noble deed. so might as well just have fun with it and try to squeeze as much money as you can from it. it’s a game and we need to learn the tricks of the trade. :)

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