Don’t buy a wordpress book

wordpressbook.jpgI want to recommend to young bloggers not to buy a wordpress how-to book. It’s a waste of money. I bought a wordpress book and a movable type book back in July of 2007 and the only timed i thumbed through it was at Borders. It’s much easier to learn wordpress by doing, and by searching on the internet for questions you may have. The wordpress support forum is good but sometimes the answers aren’t there. You just need to learn how to search for your answers. It might take 10 mins to find the answer. The book is too general anyway. If you can’t find the answer on the World Wide Web, you certain won’t find the answer in a 300 page book. I wished i still had my $60.99. I could start 6 more blogs with that money. Or i could get some more stocking stuffer for Christmas.

If you’ve already bought a how to book,(its ok rookie mistake-i did the same thing) go to half dot com Click here
and sell it. At least get half of your money back. Don’t leave it on your shelf to collect dust. Honestly, you’re not going to read it.

8 thoughts on “Don’t buy a wordpress book

  1. Colin King

    Couldn’t agree with you more! The VQS series of books are mostly to generalized for anyone with even the smallest amount of knowledge. Not only that there’s usually a good selection of error or misprint to help trip the newbie up.

  2. allyn paul

    Noob, you are KILLING ME! I just bought the WordPress for Dummies book and am about 50% done with it.
    I have learned a few things, but as you said, it is nothing I couldn’t get by just “doing!”

    I’m going to finish it anyway because I am stubborn.

  3. bloggernoob

    colinking- yeah this book was useless. i bought it cause i thought it would give me a basic understanding of WP. Well i figured out that WP is pretty basic. The book only states the obvious.

    allynpaul-already 50%. you’re a fast reader!!! I can’t speak about the dummies book cause i haven’t even looked thru it, but the info can be found free on the net.

    jackie lee- thanks for the link. i hate ebooks but free ebooks i can accept. Johnchow free ebook is really handy to.

  4. JustChris

    There are even AOL Books For Dummies, so I wouldn’t find this too surprising 😀 WordPress is the easiest blog system I’ve yet to use and yet it’s extremely flexible. Better to just ask their WP community when you hit a snag with something.

  5. Douglas Ullo

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