Don’t get turned off my make money online blogs

evangeline lilly makes money onlineI was chatting with a blogger earlier today about make money online blogs. She was saying how blogs like mine are stupid and useless. I had to agree with her. She was saying how she doesn’t blog to make money. I think it’s noble to hold that view, but my argument is “why not make a little cash.” She was telling me how make money online blogs are full of crap. I kinda agree. Blogs in my niche are kinda scammy. It seems like the ones that make money are the ones that push some bogus products. The guys that make money are the ones that sell ebooks and niche writer programs. Or they sell some bull video classes. It’s all one big make money circle jerk.

But when you think about it, the internet economy is made out of nothing. Might as well market and sell nothing. I don’t believe in scams, but i think there is value to certain things. I think there is value in links and reviews. I think web designs and SEO tutorials are pretty cool. My only beef is that some of this stuff is way over priced. Why would anyone buy into the reverse funnel system? A lot of scams exist online. They take advantage of the ignorance of newbies. But don’t get turned off by the idea of making money online. It’s totally doable. You don’t even need to spend money to do it. Just track down blogs and sites that don’t try to scam you. Read, learn, and experiment and your hobby blog can make you a few extra dollars.

7 thoughts on “Don’t get turned off my make money online blogs

  1. Jared Stenzel

    Make money blogs for the most part, are crappy like you said. They are valuable in some cases. I guess in this response you forget the meaning of a make money blog. The purpose is to show others how to make money by blogging. Not everybody who reads these blogs are going to enter this niche. The goal is to help them succeed.

    If your sole purpose of a make money blog is to make money with that blog, then you’re in the wrong niche. There are way more profitable and easier niches than this. I joined it to help others make money blogging, and because I have enough knowledge on the topic that I enjoy writing about it.

  2. Jesse

    Good post! I notice there are so many blogs on how to make money that are cluttered with ads and nonsense. While most of the crap I see on these sites are useless, there are some links that cost me nothing and get me new traffic and money just for having another person sign up.

    I just want people to hear what I have to say, but I don’t feel like spending all my money in doing so. There are plenty of places that will pay me to do what I wanted to do, so why not pay for my hosting plan as long as the ads don’t annoy my readers.

  3. Susan

    It makes sense if it goes with the site. If you overwhelm the site with ads, I can understand how it will really turns off readers.

  4. the noob Post author

    asithi- cover the cost of overhead? blogging only cost like 7 bucks a month. That’s so easy to do. if someone has been blogging for more then 3 months and still can’t cover the cost of hosting/domain. they should just run on blogspot. 😉

    jared- i might have to disagree with your last statement. I think make money online niche is one of the easier niches to monetize. you won’t make a ton of cash, but it’ll be more profitable then a penquin blog. i think that’s why there are a lot of junk MMO blogs. cause it’s easy, and a lot of idiots make a few bucks with it. too bad tho. having so many useless blogs makes it hard to filter out the good content. When i started out, it was hard to find good content. and it’s ever harder now.

    jesse- i agree that everyone should post ads. I’m not hating on ads. I’m hating on all of the useless MMO blogs. including mine. My blog sucks ass! 😉

    susan- hmmm. maybe. I don’t have problems with ads. as long as the site doesn’t lag. my blog has been kinda slow lately, i need to tweak some of the code so that i don’t lose new visitors.

    desmond- yeah weird. 😉 naw i think it’s cool. blogging should be fun. If it wasn’t, i would just sell this blog. but i think it’s cool that people actually read the dumb shit i have to say.

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