Don’t just blog

dontblog.jpgBlogging is great and i love doing it. But it’s pretty difficult to make a lot of money off of it. I hope i could make a few thousand dollars a month with this blog, but not sure if that will happen any time soon.

Bloggers should know that there are a lot of non blogging ways to make money online. Look at all the major bloggers, johnchow, shoemoney, problogger, johncow. They all run serveral other internet businesses. Johnchow has TTZ, shoemoney banked it with auctionads, problogger has the b5 network, and the cow has a few small web businesses.

Johnchow and shoemoney could probably live off of their respected blogs, but before their blog made that type of money, they ran other websites. Don’t think that your blog will ever reach johnchow proportions. Instead, focus on having multiple streams of income. Set up a celebrity fan site. Set up a forum. Set up a product review site. Set up different sites and see what works and what to bail on. I can’t tell you my ideas cause i want to implement them myself. Nobody else will tell you either. You have to keep playing with the internet and start developing your own ideas.

Take for example, milliondollarwiki. That was a great idea when it came out. There are so many copycat sites like that now. That fad is gone, but there are countless other great ideas waiting to be developed. You have to learn the web and figure out what can be done. This blog has made me realize that the internet is real. I read about youtube and myspace, but it was never real to me. But now, internet riches is real. I’ve only made a few dollars but that small amount convinced me that real money can be made. I don’t have delusions of grandeur. I don’t think i’ll make the next youtube, but i think i could probably develop the next milliondollarwiki. 100k is totally possible.

I plan on making money online. I don’t think this blog will make me rich, but other internet venture might. Start a blog. Learn the web. Then move on to other greater and bigger internet riches.

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  1. the noob Post author

    susan parr-yeah they do. and that’s why they are making the big bucks. i think if you keep at it and keep getting better. u can make some nice side income.

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