Don’t kiss ass, Kick ass

kickass.jpgYou know the saying, “it’s better to attract bees with honey not vinegar.” Wrong. That’s now how blogging works. It’s easier to get attention with a negative comment as opposed to a positive one. Let me elaborate by using my favorite example mista john chow. If you read some of the comments left on john’s blog, you’ll see there are 20-30 people kissing his ass. How do you stand out amongst the 20-30 arse kissing comments? By kicking ass and taking names thats how. It throws a monkey wrench into the whole system. Other commentators will rebuke you and call you names. They might even come to your site and cuss you out for blaspheming JC. How dare you! JC is the son of man!

Don’t just say a negative comment though. Write something interesting and make it negative. It’s better be useful or you’ll look like an arse. The point is to draw attention and kick ass, not draw attention and be an ass.

I’ll use another example. The other JC. No not Jesus Christ. John Cow. He wrote a blog post that contained the word Cunt about a month ago. It was awesome cause it caused quite a stir with some A-list blogger. There must have been like 60 comments on that posts. That’s like gizmodo level. If the cow used the other c word (cutie) to reference the female, then that post would only be read by his loyal readers. But because he used the word CUNT, that post must have been read by double or tripple his normal readership.

Bad is the new good.

It’s more fun to be bad. In movies, and we love villians more then our heros. So it makes sense to be naughty at times to spice up your blog. No Blood No Foul right? So don’t kiss ass, kick ass. We’re in the game to make money, so be a bad ass with your make money blog.

I’m not only the founder of this idea, i’m also a client. Hmm that didn’t sound as good as i hoped. Bad use of such a beautiful quote.(bald guys know what i’m talking about) I will try out this method on johnchow and a few other blogs. Let’s see if it works.

14 thoughts on “Don’t kiss ass, Kick ass

  1. theAtypical

    This post sucks.

    But aye, you’re onto something here. The only way to stand out from the crowd – when everyone’s worshiping the same guy – is to diss it!

    Kick ass!

  2. JMorris

    It works with used with discretion. An alias never hurts too.

    I use to have an “alter” blog, but I got bored with it. Damn ADHD! 😀

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  4. Grant

    Nice idea, but you have to use this strategy in moderation, and your comment has to be backed up with facts, or you’ll be called out on it.

    Credibility also counts too!

  5. Tommy

    Whether you’re trying to entice someone into a fray or not, being derogative or somehow “against the general comment field” is high risk/high reward. If you’re only blogging and doing the monetization thing, you may be fine to try such things. However, if you’re actually in a real business, it may cause you some grief. It’s a risk/reward thing that you need to weigh based on your particular environment and situation. So…..nanner nanner nanner….talk about calling someone out!!! and one more !

  6. the noob Post author

    theatypical- yup this post sucks. i feel so shame

    jmorris- i think all marketing tips must be used with discretion. can’t be doing the same thing over and over again. it’s real boring real fast.

    thomas sinfield- thanks thomas

    grant- yes. all marketing tactics should be used in moderation. i agree that credibility counts…but most credible sources for making money online are considered credible cause they get mass ammounts of traffic or income. johnchow…isn’t really that credible…but cause he makes bank and gets a ton of traffic we make him credible.

    tommy- my middle name is “high risk/high reward” :)

  7. Allyn Paul

    I left a comment on John’s blog because he was drinking a Smirnoff Ice and I said that was a ‘chick drink’… but no one responded!
    I guess they all agreed!!!
    “Son of Man” ROFL! More like “Son of Spam!”

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  9. the noob Post author

    allyn- haha. son of spam. i don’t like dislike johnchow. he’s just a target cause it’s a big fish in the make money blog world. just annoying when noob bloggers worship him.

  10. Sadie

    If this works for you, than run with it. My comments usually are backed with passion, if something I read strikes a cord…than I’ll leave a comment stemming from a personal conviction or belief. I know that this road won’t lead me to the ‘guru hall of fame’ but I’m comfortable with that position. I want what I do or what I post to represent who I am and not a carbon copy of someone that I am not…

  11. bloggernoob

    sadie- i wish i could be like you. and i like to think that i’m a man of strong convictions and beliefs. but with this blog, i talk about making money online. making money online isn’t noble or good. it’s all about selling out and the best way to get people to click to your site. you felt something while reading this post that made you want to comment. basically that’s what i meant with this blog. write comments that stir up reaction.

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