Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it

leslie bibb makes money onlineIt’s probably safe to say that most people let fear dictate their lives. It should be positives like happiness and love that should determine our actions, but the opposite happens. We act according to the fears that we have. In the business world, fear can be a major obstacle in your money making goals. I had a baby project that i was working on for 2 years straight. It started off as a 20 unit Condo project. I bought the key lot and had options on the 3 other plots. I worked out a deal with the city to acquire the dead end street that was dividing the land. I got rid of the easement and everything seemed to be prime for development.

I still own the key property but i let the options expire on the others. I let the pre approved construction loan pass me by. Why did i let this happen? It was fear. I was afraid that i was going to mess everything up. I was afraid of losing money that i invested into the project. So i contacted a more experienced real estate developer. I worked out a partnership and assembled a team of architects and structural engineers. The 20 unit project turned into a 120 unit condo project.

Everything was happening so fast and i was losing control of my baby project. Because i didn’t have the balls to follow through with my original plan, i let this development fall into pieces.

Sorry for the long and boring story. There’s a “make money online” point to this. I think the internet is shadowed by this disbelief. The average joe knows that the internet is profitable. He’s read about Google and Facebook. The average person probably knows how much Google’s stock price is. He knows that the two dorks that set up Youtube are super rich. But the average joe doesn’t do shit about it. It’s because most people lack the basic knowledge about the web. They don’t realize that it’s not that hard to run a website. Hell, it’s not hard to pay a programmer to set up a Youtube type of site even.

Fear and ignorance is a weakness that we all have. If you want to be successful, you have to overcome these things. You have to be active and know that if you want it, you have to take it. There’s no such thing as a freebie. There’s no “easy” internet business or any other type of business. The required skill isn’t that difficult, but the work can be time consuming. But if you try it, you’ll see that it’s totally possible. Most newbies enter because they think they can easily copy other successful bloggers. They don’t really try tho. Half assing it doesn’t count. Really put in the effort and then see if it’s right for you. Don’t let fear or ignorance keep your from creating your own internet empire. It doesn’t have to be Google level. Just bould a few sites that give you some nice side income. If you’ve never tired it, don’t knock it. Don’t be ignorant.

I know that i bore a lot of you with my pseudo motivational posts. I write these because making money online isn’t that hard. It takes time and work, but it’s not like working for NASA. Look at most of the bloggers who make a lot of money. They are all idiots. In the 9 months i’ve been blogging, i’ve already covered all there is to cover. The basic tips are all there. You don’t need to buy my ebook or pay for ads on my blog. All you need to do is carve out your own way of driving traffic to your site.

I’ve tried spelling out specific tricks to help you get traffic. But if you’re not motivated to try it, i’m wasting my time. Anyway, i will be leaving for Seattle and then Vancouver tomorrow. I’m taking a mini holiday. The trip was paid with BloggerNoob money. It’s weird to say it, but the 4 star hotel that i booked was paid with the posts i wrote on this blog. The car that i will be renting will be paid with the private ads income. The food and shopping allowance was givin to me and my wife by the Noob ( If that isn’t motivational, i don’t know what to tell you guys. Even if you don’t make full time income with your blog, set up a blog to treat yourself to mini holidays twice a year.

18 thoughts on “Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it

  1. Beau71

    I would like to hear more about this real estate deal that you have going on. Did it end up successful?

    I hope you enjoy your trip, and that is awesome that your site is picking up the tab on that.

  2. the noob Post author

    chiq- thanks! we all need a break every once in a while. 😉

    m dinesh- thanks. i’ll try to post a few pictures.

    beau71- most people find my RE developments boring. thanks for showing interest. the deal didn’t go thru. i still own the key property, and a new park openned up next door, but my investors lost interest and my options ran out. the market is bad right now, so it’ll be a wait and see game for at least another year or two. I was offered a nice price for the property, but i have big plans for it. Won’t be selling it so my baby project is still alive. just sleeping ;). yeah, has been very generous. 😉

  3. the noob Post author

    wendy- thanks wendy. if you keep at it, i’m sure it will. 😉

    mel- that’s the spirit. i suck at blogging, but i continue to blog. i think u need this type of mentality to make some nice cash. 😉

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  5. Puneet

    Its good to know about ur other interests other then blogging .. i too try getting some cash from share market or by real estate investing… 😉

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  7. the noob Post author

    puneet- yeah. i’m all for having my money work for me, instead of having to work for money. investing is the only way to get rich. working for the dollar will only get you by. 😉 gotta invest to become a “rich” person.

  8. Business blog

    Hey noon, I assume the sexy pictureis to attract the men to you post – can I ask where you get the pics from so that copyright is not an issue, as this is a good idea! Good article by the way!

  9. the noob Post author

    business blog- yeah, guys seems to like my visuals. as far as copyright. i go the youtube route. If the owner of the image wants it removed, i will gladly remove it. i find these images all over the net. 😉 sometimes i ask the onwer of the site where i found it for permission, but, most never get back to me. or, they don’t own the image either. 😉

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