Don’t leave your domains empty

domainname.jpgMost bloggers who self-host probably have a few domains that are just laying there doing nothing. I have around 100 domains that are just parked on godaddy . I registered them because i had high hope for the domain or i had another one of my brilliant ideas. Its hard to focus on multiple websites.

Leaving your domain parked is useless. Unless its a great domain, most likely people won’t want to buy it on sedo either. What you can do it develop it. I’m not talking about putting in a lot of time into. I’m just saying that you should add on your domain to the hosting you already have. You hosting plan most likely includes add on domain functions and enough space and bandwidth for a thousand sites.

My greatest weakness is my laziness. Explains why i want to try thing blogging thing out right. I soon realized that i’m working harder and more then i ever did before. But its good cause at least i can do it with my pants off in the comfort of my own home.

As you know the key to building up your site is ranking. If you leave your domains untouched they will not get indexed and the alexa or google will be nothing. Just posting an article one every blue moon will at least get your site indexed. When you have time to develop it more then you will have a site that is ready to go. At least you won’t be starting from scratch.

I’ve learned to keep my domain registrations to a minimum. In the beginning, i thought every idea i had was a money maker. Obviously you have to try things to learn and I’ve learned that blogging is not as easy as it first seemed. I looked at johnchow and shoemoney and thought i could do that. It looked so easy. Doing what they do is not difficult but getting your site built up is.

Focus on your core projects but don’t completely neglect your other domains. Write in it every once in a while and in time maybe one of them will start bringing you passive income.