Don’t lose hope Don’t give up

dontlosehopedontgiveup.jpgI was looking through some of my earlier posts this morning. How sad. I was a sad little make money noob. I didn’t know how to blog and i didn’t know how to make money with this blog. I was about to quit. But, and it’s a big butt, i didn’t! I kept it going and i’m happy to say that i’ve made a little cash. More importantly, i’ve gain confidence in internet business. I’ve made a few friends and i’m having a blast. I still can’t believe people want to read this blog. What’s wrong with you people?

We all have to start somewhere right? Sucks that it’s always at the bottom, but at least you can’t go any lower when you’re at the bottom. Only way is up.

I watch a lot of documentaries. I was watching a Henry Ford biography on my iphone last night. I’m an insomniac so i usually get me some documentary action to make myself fall asleep. Only problem is, i love documentaries. I should watch something less interesting to induce sleep. Maybe a Hollywood blockbuster? Anyway…i was amazed at Ford’s life. What a businessman. I learned about him in high school economics, but didn’t remember much except the model T and the assembly line. I highly recommend this documentary. Maybe you can download it for free on google video? When i see stuff like this, i get an itch. My creative juices start flowing and i have to get up to write down my ideas. I promised myself and my wife to be, that i will really try to rectify my sleeping schedule this year, so i didn’t get up. I typed in a few short phrases on my iphone to remind myself in the morning. Damn i love my iphone.

If you’re a blogger, you’re a writer. Not everybody can express the written with poetry(noob sucks that this) but everyone can write to communicate. Get in the habit of writing down your ideas. You have to first learn how to communicate with yourself. How are you going to reach other people when you forget thought you’ve had in your own head. Writing notes is vital for a prosperous life. It doesn’t just have to be for you blog. It can be ideas about your offline business or a creative project you always wanted to do. I studied screen writing at University. My life’s dream is to pen a feature length film. So, sometimes i write down little bits of dialogue or scene set ups on a notepad or my blackberry(iphone now). I have hundreds of pages written. Just need to figure out a way to insert it into my story structure. Anyway…just wanted to let you guys know that there is always hope. As long as you don’t quit, you’ll see things happen for you. Whether it be your blog or your creative pet project.

8 thoughts on “Don’t lose hope Don’t give up

  1. Moolahking


    I nearly lost my hope in blogging when i received a sad info about my friend. And gladly to say that i finally manage to sort it out. Well, now i think there’s no turning back when we first entered the world of blogging. Even when we don’t have any ideas on what to post, do read others blog.

    Now i’m doing that way. Once i post an entry, i do visit others blog and leave a good comment in it. Or else, i stumble others blog. Thanks to you for encouraging me to continue blogging, my friend.

  2. black.pixie

    I hear you, noob. Couple of days ago, I heard a voice in my head say ‘It’s Easy to Give Up, Don’t Give Up’, and that’s kinda kept me going.

    And ideas? I have a head full of ‘um but I tend not to bring them to fruition. But I’ve started, my friend, oh I’ve started, and one of them is your godchild (my new domain). It’s not great, but it’s a step forward – it was very important for me to ‘do’ the do, rather than just think about it and let it vanish amongst a whole heap of other comatose dreams.

    Anyway, I’m out.

    take care, nooby noob noob.

  3. the noob Post author

    moolahking- sorry to hear about your friend. whatever that may be. good think you got thru it and are still blogging. your a good commentator. you don’t just write “hi nice post” you actually comment. i appreciate it.

    esvl- thanks

    blackpixie- now look at you. you won my random prize and you got your own domain. babys all growns up!

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