Don’t pay, barter

barter.jpgI find it amazing that the make money blogging economy is still running strong. I guess it’s cause so many noobs are entering the make money blogging scene. They are hopeful and they come prepared with money. They bring in a lot of money to invest into the system. That’s why the high traffic sites make a lot of money. And hopefully i can make some additional blogging income from some of these noobs.

I honestly believe that spending money when you’re a noob is risky. 1, you don’t know what you paying for exactly. 2, you don’t know who to trust. 3, you know how much is a fair market price for that review or service. That’s why i’m all for free stuff. If you look around, you’ll find free anything. Free traffic, free comments, free RSS subscriptions. You don’t necessarily have to pay for anything.

When you pay for a review, you’ll noticed a spike in traffic. Then you’ll see a steep drop. Then if you have money, you’ll probably spend more of it to keep driving up your traffic. The traffic is thus solely supported by the amount of cash your putting into it. Once you stop putting money into it, you’ll see a drop. Of course if your content is good, some of those people will stick and might become regular readers. But if you have great content, you can probably manage similar growth without spending so much money. I’ve grown bloggernoob to where it consistently gets 200 plus uniques a day. I’ve spent less then a hundred dollars cash. I’ve made over 3000 dollars with this blog. I know a few bloggers who started around the same time as me, but spent over $3000. They have a few more RSS subscriptions and traffic is similar to my blog. And they haven’t even begun monetizing their blogs yet. Which make money blogging path would you rather take? Some may say that they are building up PR and have better long term strategy. Maybe true. But honestly, the guys who believe that they can turn their blog into the next johnchow are just crazy. I’m realistic. I’m having fun with this blog. I get to talk trash and rant. I can get to hold fun contests and i make a thousand dollars a month with this blog. I don’t ever dream of making 5 digits a month with this blog. I’ll be happy making 2 grand a month. The guys spending all that money will probably never reach 2 grand a month. They’ll just keep spending money chasing the unicorn. I just called johnchow a unicorn. Won’t ever happen folks. Out of ten thousand bloggers, only one will probably make enough with their make money blog to justify doing it full time. I’m not one of them, but i do make money with my blog.

Anyway, my post is about bartering. This is the basic economic exchange. When you don’t have currency, just sell off your service or trade. Traffic, ads, stumbles, diggs, RSS subscriptions, reviews, and links can all be traded. You can do them in forums, or you can do it by writing emails to bloggers you like. This is all free! Only thing you have to do is return the favor and spend some time.

6 thoughts on “Don’t pay, barter

  1. Allen Taylor

    I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Allen Taylor

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  3. the noob Post author

    justindupre- yeah cost of living isn’t as high in thailand. i’ve been to thailand. i love the coconut juice. and spoon out the white stuff. so yummy. hopefully i can go visit again.

  4. The Barter Guy

    Well done. I like your posts. I’m feeling like I should contribute something but I’m not sure what to add! Anyhow, great blog you’ve got. I’ll be checking it out again soon.

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