Don’t sell to individual bloggers

bradpitt.jpgI think it’s not a great idea to try to sell to consumers. Consumers are cheap, fickle, and poor. You won’t make much money selling to individual bloggers.

The real money is with businesses. Businesses have deep pockets. Businesses don’t care about the price. Businesses don’t to shop for deals. Businesses will pay you and pay you good.

I’ll give you two examples. I used to work for a purchasing company in high school. It was one of the first jobs i ever had. The owner sold copy machines to consumers. It was back in the day, so obviously there wasn’t a strong demand for consumer copy machines. Who needs a big bulky copy machine at their house? No one. But he kept his two employees busy on the phone. I knew that the business was bad. I knew that it would most likely go broke.

In college, i worked for a title company. My office was right next to a office supply company. The office supply company was a small opperation. It was a one room office and the company had only one employee, the owner. But i would watch him park his BMW 7 series every morning thinking to myself, “wtf?”

During a smoke break, i got to chatting with the owner. It turns out, that he sells only copy machines. I ask him what his secret was. He smiled and said, “sell to businesses.”

It’s not that simple. It’s obvious too. But not enough blogger understand this simple fact. You should be hitting up businesses to make money with your blog. don’t just go after individual bloggers. Hit up businesses and you’ll find a lot of ways to make money with you blog. You can work out some sweet promotion and or sponsorships.

5 thoughts on “Don’t sell to individual bloggers

  1. Tony - Nigerian Entrepreneur

    You have a good point there. But you can still make money from other bloggers who are willing to shed some bucks for services you render. I know you advertise on some blogs, if those one refuse to take your ad just because you are a blogger, you won’t like the idea.

    Just kidding. The point you’re trying to make is clear and a sound advise. Cheers.

  2. the noob Post author

    tony- by all means, sell to whomever wants to buy. just saying that it’s easier to sell to business types. they have more money at their disposal

    asithi- haha. for ya! i must admit, brad is pretty hot.

    normal joe- i think it’s all about money. bloggers don’t have deep pockets. so obviously they will be stingy with their ad spending. but big sites, or businesses, spend big on ads. it’s an easier sell

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