Don’t spend too much time on your blog

rebecca-romjin doesn\'t waste timeWhen i first started this blog, i spent hours upon hours tweaking my site. I would test out a lot of different plugins and themes. I would write and erase posts. I did a lot of crazy thing. Now, i have a set time limit for this blog. I try not to go over an hour and a half on this blog. That’s for researching and writing posts, and for site admin. In less then a hour and a half, i reply to comments, delete spam, write a post or two, and shoot a few emails. If you want to make money online with you blog, you should manage your time wisely.

I know a few bloggers who spend full time hours on their blog. Some of them don’t make that much either. If they blogged about movies or animation, i would be convinced that they are not in it for the money, but they blog about making money online. So, they are in it to make money. But, they are not making as much as the effort they are putting into it.

Try to cut down on time wasting activities. Don’t keep checking your blog to see if you received new comments. Don’t keep checking Google analytics every 30 mins. Learn to spend your time on building links, and writing strong posts. Use some of that time to leave helpful comments on other blogs.

If you want to devote full time hours on the web, you should think about setting up more then one blog. Set up 8 blogs and spend an hour on each blog. This might make your day less boring. You can blog about 8 different topics.

5 thoughts on “Don’t spend too much time on your blog

  1. Gerard

    I have to admit I was like this when I started out…

    I had a problem similar to all bloggers: Can’t find a theme 😛

  2. the noob Post author

    not john chow- thanks! nice domain name btw. 😉

    gerard- u can always change the theme later. just put up a lot of content and build link! 😉

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  4. asithi

    That’s me. I found a theme that I like, but yet I keep thinking about changing it. I spend more time on the plugins and themes searching on the internet than writing my posts. I need to stop. But how do you know when whatever theme you choose is the “right” one?

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