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rounders gretchen molDooce dot com is a blog that is run by a mommy blogger. She started the blog in 2001 and it makes around $40,000/month.

You have to understand that this is a rarity in the blogging community. I know most of you have dreams of becoming a top notch blogger, but you should probably kill that dream. Statistically speaking, the chances of you becoming and 6 figure blogger is about the same as high school junior varsity basketball player’s chances of making it to the NBA.

Seeing bloggers like this might give you hope, and bring out some jealousy, but don’t get too consumed with such childish emotions. Be realistic. Remember that it’s not about the fame or glory. It’s about cold hard cash. You’re trying to squeeze ten, twenty, thirty dollars with your blog. Don’t waste your time on such pipe dreams. Make your 30 bucks first, then start dreaming. Making money online is not about hitting it rich. It’s a constant grind. It’s very much like poker. Don’t expect to win the World Series of Poker. Just keep grinding it out on the low limit table first.

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