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traffic2.jpgFor the past two weeks, i was able to double the traffic and stats for bloggernoob dot com. I was stuck at around 300 visits a day but for the past 2 weeks, i’ve consistently hit the 500 plus mark. A few months ago, i would have been happy with getting 300 visits a day and i think that made me complacent. I was starting to make money and i didn’t really want to invest the time to take my blog to the next level. But, about 2 weeks ago, i started thinking up way to get to the next plateau. I would continue to write the no bullshit type of posts, but i wanted to boost the level of promotions for this blog. And guess what, it worked.

I started three new segments on bloggernoob. I started an interview section. I held multiple contests. I introduced a domain tournament.

The interviews i did and will continue to do will help me in the search rankings. People who are looking for certain interviews will find my blog via google as long i continue doing interesting interview. It’s also a good way for my regular readers to learn about different type of web ventures.

Contests are a great way to promote your blog. You have you promote your promotion tho. You can’t set up a contest and just post about it on your blog. You gotta get out and announce the contest if you want more exposure. Do a search for contest blogs, and you’ll find a plethora of blogs you can submit your contest to. Hit the web forums and announce the contest. Tell your blogging buddies to help you get the word out.

When setting up your contest, make sure you have a prize that is of value. Don’t give out useless stuff. Give out cash. Give out tech gadgets. Give out something that would make you want to enter a contest. All of these entrecard credit contests are lame. Giving out free ads and reviews are ok, but if you really want attention, flash some greenbacks.

Make sure the contests are easy to enter. I see so many bloggers make the mistake of making it hard to enter the damn contest. If i have to solve a calculus equation to enter your contest, i’ll pass. I don’t want to enter all this code or subscribe to your feed. Just let me leave a comment or email you or post a link. That way it’s easy to enter. If you make the contest easy to enter, more people will enter. More entrants equals more traffic and in turn yields more money made with your blog.

Do something unique and new with your contest. It gets hard to distinguish your contest from the million other contests. You have to be creative. I cannot help you with this part. Just try to think up a contest that you haven’t seen before. My domain tournament idea came out cause i’ve always been a fan of tournaments. Poker tournaments and college basketball tournaments are so exciting and fun. The people who enter will keep checking back on the contest. It’ll encourage dialogue amongst your readers and it’s FUN!

stats4.jpgThe past two weeks, i was able to double my traffic and stats. I was looming at around 300 visits a day.

stats3.jpgThe promotions and contests i ran helped my blog traffic jump up to 500 plus.

alexa.jpgMy technorati and alexa is also getting a boost. Here is an interesting note. My alexa rank is now better then this blog that i used to read before i started my blog(

24 thoughts on “Double your traffic and stats

  1. Chica

    Impressive! I was up there for awhile in my stats, but am back down again, my photoblog is doing great though. Make me your first fun interview, you need one of those. :)

  2. the noob Post author

    chica- good idea. you sure you’re going to be a fun interview? :)

    jared- thanks jared. my referrals don’t show that many from digg. but im glad you dugg some of my posts. thanks. actually, stumbleupon gets me more traffic. i get stumbed a few times a month and every time, it brings in at least 100 visitors. *hint hint* (stumble me) :)

  3. the noob Post author

    chica- done deal then. let me whip up some questions. or do you already have some fun questions you want to ask yourself prepared? :)

  4. Ben Barden

    Good job noob! Actually, I’ve been comparing my Alexa rank with yours for a few weeks now. Compared to December our sites are now quite close together. :)

  5. Mattaw

    The noob strikes again. Great tips, one thing I would say is to increase traffic, also pick up your social networking. Make more friends in these networks. They are huge traffic sources (but not that great converters, they yeild good stats)

  6. the noob Post author

    ben- i just checked your alexa. very sweet! good going buddy. I think you’re going to surpass me in the next month or so. Damn you! :)

    mattaw- im not a big fan of social networking sites. but i don’t deny it’s marketing potential. I think every blogger should use social facespace to promote their websites.

  7. Ben Barden

    Thanks noob! 😉 At least Alexa is updating now, they were stuck on Feb 15th for ages and then it they were a long way behind. Now they’re up to Feb 26th so I guess they’ve pretty much caught up.

  8. the noob Post author

    ben- everything is updating lately. alexa, google, i think even technorati is freaking out. maybe they figure leap year is a good time to do it. or maybe it’s a y2k type of glitch 😉

  9. Mike

    Never mind the stats. I was looking at the Japanese girls. ha

    That is some great ideas. I think we can increase readers a lot of ways.

    Another simple idea also is to just keep posting. As each posts gets indexed, chances are your blog will be hit when someone searches. I read that online last year. Each blog post is more real estate.

  10. the noob Post author

    mike- haha. those girls are actually South Korean. but same same. :) fine either way. you are totally right. that’s why i post so damn much. I want more indexed pages on my blog. It’s starting to show too. I get around 40 hits from google search every day. on good days. i’ll get double

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  13. Wendy

    I run a weekly giveaway contest each Sunday on one of my blogs,, and I see the traffic double and triple each week. It does make a difference.

    But, I know what you mean about making it hard. Right now mine is easy to enter by submitting a comment but if I have a sponsor that is giving the prize I tend to make the viewer do a bit more work and visit their site and comment back with something they like about it. I think it is only fair to the sponsor. I also give 2 other options to get extra entries, sign up for the feed and blog about the contest. It works in some cases and in other cases, if the prize isn’t all that great you don’t see people entering.

    But, hey, it does drive traffic and I advertise the contest on about 8 to 10 high quality sweepstakes sites when I create the post.


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